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Zayid (also Zayid in Japanese) is the leader of the 40 Thieves during the Ancient Persia Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 67-70). At least his name may be based on Ma'n ibn Za'ida, an Arab tribal general of the same time period as the arc and featured fictionally in One Thousand and One Nights (as a heroic figure), though not in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves; in that story, the lead thief appears to be unnamed. He is voiced by Marc Thompson in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Due to one member, Fez, being sick, Zayid instead leads the "39 Thieves" during the story. In cahoots with the Sultan's Prime Minister Rasheed in a plot to overthrow the Sultan and take over the city in 757 AD, he was instructed to get the Sultan's daughter Zahrah out of the way. He and his Thieves intercept her caravan in the desert in The 39 Thieves, locking her in their treasure cave, but they return to find she has escaped and discover the Alpha Gang stealing some of their treasure.

Zayid makes an alliance with Dr. Z to trade the next Cosmos Stone for capturing Zahrah, having the Alpha Gang use their dinosaurs in an attack on Zahrah, the D-Team, and Genie when they catch up in Desert Heat, but the Alpha Gang is beaten down to force a retreat. As they failed, Zayid calls the deal off and ties them up, but a messenger from Rasheed calls him back to the city. He uses Dr. Z as a hostage to threaten the Alpha Trio into helping him storm the palace with their dinosaurs and overtakes the city, Rasheed claiming the throne.

When Princess Zahrah arrives in Princess of the City, she tries confronting Zayid as he rounds up any members and allies of the previous regime in the streets, but Rex and pet-sized Ace tackle him as they escape, Zayid sending the Thieves after them. And sending the Alpha Trio to fetch his laundry. Running into them shortly after, the Trio point him in the wrong direction to find Zahrah. After she continues to evade him, he sees Rasheed to reassure him he'd capture Zahrah soon. Having been tipped off by Jon-Jon, he and the Thieves ambush Zahrah at the entrance to a secret passage, but Shear scatters them with Lexovisaurus to try and grab Zahrah to find the Cosmos Stone; Zayid instead captures and imprisons Aladdin after he helps her escape both of them.

Berated by Rasheed for losing the Princess again, and catching the Alpha Trio stealing back their Alpha Scanners, Zayid sends them to defeat Genie as he, Zahrah, and the D-Team approach the palace, but he and Rasheed flee when Shear takes control of Genie and turns him against everyone. They are encountered by Max and Rex racing to save Zahrah from Shear, who summon Chomp and Ace to corner them until the Sultan and his guards arrive to arrest them. He is last seen tied up with Rasheed, several of the Thieves, and Jon-Jon.


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