Zahrah (サラファ Sarafa) is an Ancient Persian princess that the D-Team encountered in Ancient Persia. She is voiced by Caroline Lawson in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit

Zahrah looks like an average Arabian princess in media. She has black hair in a ponytail with a crown having a red jewel with two emeralds in between, gold earrings, a necklace that matches the crown, an orange bra with a cream strapless top, a white sash around her waist, sea green bedlah pants, and red Arabian slippers.


She is a kind and friendly princess.


In The 39 Thieves, Zarah's caravan was heading back to her palace when they were attacked in the desert by Zayid and the 39 Thieves (normally 40, but one was sick today), who overpowered her guards and took her prisoner to their treasure cave hideout, leaving her inside. While in their hideout, she encountered a golden lamp, and, upon rubbing it, the card of an Isisaurus inside was activated by a falling water drop from the ceiling. Believing the dinosaur to be the genie of the lamp, she named it "Genie", easily befriending the gentle beast. The D-Team arrived soon after and rescued her in their search for the Red Cosmos Stone, and they accompanied her back to her city after overhearing that the Thieves were working with Prime Minister Rasheed. In their travels, Rex and Max both developed a crush on her, much to Zoe's annoyance.

After finding the city overrun with bandits and hearing her father the Sultan was imprisoned in Princess of the City, they tried sneaking into the palace by a hidden passage aided by the street magician Aladdin, but the entrance caved in during a dinosaur battle with Sheer's Lexovisaurus. Settling instead to take the front way in in Malice in the Palace, Genie barged through the gates. Blocked by the Alpha Gang (currently at Zayid's mercy), Sheer returns and grabs Zahrah, taking control of Genie with Spectral Armor. Zahrah leads Sheer to a jewel in the throne room, believing it to be the Red Cosmos Stone being sought after, but it isn't. Sheer threatens to push her off the roof, but Aladdin lassos the Space Pirate, and Zahrah gives him a thanking kiss, shocking Max and Rex out of their crushes. After Genie's defeat revealed he'd swallowed the Cosmos Stone back in the treasure cave and Helga grabs it, the Thieves were overpowered and captured. Pleased that Genie was now safe in his card, Zahrah kissed each of the D-Team goodbye as they left to save their parents.



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