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Note: The name of this attack is based purely on conjecture, as it has no canon designation.

"Whip Attack" is an ability of Deinonychus, though it may or may not be an actual Secret Move Card.


Arcade Stats[]

Tail Whip

"Whip Attack" in the arcade

  • Attribute: Secret/None(?)
  • Sign: Rock
  • Used By: Deinonychus
  • Effect: Three pack member Deinonychus bite onto the pack leader's and each others' tails to form a chain, then the leader swings them as an extended tail to smack the opponent!
  • Other: It has no card, this is simply Deinonychus' unique default Rock attack animation, which for the average dinosaur is a bland tail-swinging hit, used when it has no Rock Sign Move Card attack triggering.

Anime Stats[]

Whip Attack (Deinonychus) 09

Deinonychus using "Whip Attack"

  • Attribute: Secret
  • Owner: Dr. Z (Alpha Gang) (never used), Wild, Max Taylor (D-Team) (never used), Jonathan (never used), Rod (Alpha Gang) (never used); Shear (Space Pirates), Rex Owen (D-Team) (never used)
  • Used By: Deinonychus (both)
  • Debut: Ninja Nightmare!
  • Used to Defeat: None (both)
  • Effect: The three Deinonychus bite each others' tails to form a chain with the leader at the back, who swings the others to smack the opponent across the face! After separating to land, they often use this as the start of their main 1-2-3 attack chain. It hit Terry, but Megalosaurus leaned out of the way to dodge it.
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, if it is one, it has no actual card, instead being usable by either Deinonychus trio whenever they decide or are commanded.


  • Several other Secret Dinosaurs also have unique default attack animations to accommodate their body shapes, but these were not featured as special in the anime to earn the status of apparent Move Cards.
  • It is not featured in the DS game, Deinonychus instead using the default base attack animations of other dinosaurs, being sized up to a regular small Wind Dinosaur.
  • Despite not being treated as an apparent Move Card outside the anime, it is used by both Deinonychus trios seen: Dr. Z's and Shear's (whose were provided by Seth).
  • If it is considered a Move Card, it would be one of the few unique abilities featured in the anime, alongside the likes of Paris' sonic call, Alpha Acrocanthosaurus's fire blast, Cyclone's "Hurricane" variant with water, and Thunder Storm Bazooka (with two users).



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