Elemental Dinosaurs is a parody of Dinosaur King but with more dinosaurs, better moves, and new elements. In the world of NathanComix, it's one of the best games of Nintendo.

List of Dinosaur Cards

Fire Dinosaurs

Fire Dinosaurs are strongest against Air Dinosaurs but weakest against Water Dinosaurs.

Water Dinosaurs

Water Dinosaurs are strongest against Fire Dinosaurs but weakest against Thunder Dinosaurs.

Water Move Card Dinosaurs

Thunder Dinosaurs

Thunder Dinosaurs are strongest against Water Dinosaurs but weakest against Earth Dinosaurs.

Earth Dinosaurs

Earth Dinosaurs are strongest against Thunder Dinosaurs but weakest against Grass Dinosaurs.

Grass Dinosaurs

Grass Dinosaurs are strongest against Earth Dinosaurs but weakest against Air Dinosaurs.

Grass Move Card Dinosaurs

Air Dinosaurs

Air Dinosaurs are strongest against Grass Dinosaurs but weakest against Fire Dinosaurs.

Sand Dinosaurs

Sand Dinosaurs are strongest against Cosmic Dinosaurs but weakest against Ice Dinosaurs.

Ice Dinosaurs

Ice Dinosaurs are strongest against Sand Dinosaurs but weakest against Metal Dinosaurs.

Metal Dinosaurs

Metal Dinosaurs are strongest against Ice Dinosaurs but weakest against Cosmic Dinosaurs.

Cosmic Dinosaurs

Cosmic Dinosaurs are strongest against Metal Dinosaurs but weakest against Sand Dinosaurs.

Infinity Dinosaurs

Nathanosaurus is the only Infinity Dinosaur. Go to Dinosaur Fanon Wiki for more information about Nathanosaurus

Secret Dinosaurs

Secret Dinosaurs all have 3 moves of their own (the only exception is Trilobite).

Normal Move Card Dinosaurs

These dinosaurs are summoned when using a Normal Move.

DS Exclusive

  • Fire Dinosaurs
    • Lythronax
  • Thunder Dinosaurs
    • Medusaceratops
    • Regaliceratops
    • Rubeosaurus
  • Grass Dinosaurs
    • Probrachylophosaurus
  • Air Dinosaurs
    • Stenonychosaurus
  • Sand Dinosaurs
    • Unaysaurus
  • Ice Dinosaurs
    • Epidexipteryx
    • Scansoriopteryx
  • Cosmic Dinosaurs
    • Siroccopteryx
  • Secret Dinosaurs
    • Kaprosuchus
    • Yi qi

Nintendo Switch Exclusive

  • Fire Dinosaurs
    • Raptorex
  • Water Dinosaurs
    • Archaeodontosaurus
    • Kunmingosaurus
    • Zhuchengtitan
  • Earth Dinosaurs
    • Hylaeosaurus
    • Miragaia
  • Air Dinosaurs
    • Coelurus
    • Dakotaraptor
    • Halticosaurus
    • Sciurumimus
  • Ice Dinosaurs
    • Gobivenator
  • Metal Dinosaurs
    • Nanshiungosaurus
  • See DS Exclusive Dinosaurs

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