I am the former Head Bureaucrat of this Wiki, and have worked on it since 2008.

I am also the creator of the PaleoTrilogy series, a fan fiction/manga I made for Dinosaur King after the Pterosaur Legends.

Wikis I Have Contributed To:

  1. Bakugan
  2. Dinosaur King Fanon (Administrator)
  3. MyDinos
  4. Samurai Deeper Kyo
  5. Flame of Recca
  6. Nightschool (Founder)
  7. Witch Hunter (Admin)
  8. Magical-Gunslinger Kurohime
  9. Log Horizon (Admin)
  10. Fire Emblem
  11. Qin's Moon
  12. Feng Shen Ji
  13. Witch Spring (Founder)

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