Dinosaur King


Ungaro is a poacher (or, "of the International Covert Wilderness Hunting Organization", as he puts it) who appears in Rhino or Dino?. He is voiced by David Wills in the English dub.


Operating in Kenya, Ungaro and his crew capture a number of safari animals, the latest being a white rhino cub. As its mother tracks them down and trashes their camp, however, the Torosaurus card that one of them had found is activated, which Ungaro mistakes for a giant rhinoceros and is determined to catch and sell it.

They spot the Alpha Trio summoning Spiny to scare off lions and recruit them to use Spiny to help capture more animals with great ease. After tracking down the Torosaurus, Ungaro tries and fails to grab pet-sized Chomp, and is soon lassoed by Mary, the ranger who had been after him for ages. After the battle, Paris calls a horde of animals to chase the Alpha Gang, the roped Ungaro hastily worm-crawling to stay ahead of the stampede, but in the end gets trampled, moaning, "Mom was right, I should've become a plumber."


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