Ultimate Water is a Water Ultimate Move. It can only be used by DinoTector Spiny/Spinosaurus.


Arcade StatsEdit

  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: None
  • Usage Condition: This Move can only be used after DinoTector Spiny/Spinosaurus has filled their armor bar and gained their DinoTector Armor, triggering on the first win after each time the bar is filled.
  • Effect: Water splashes around you, then geysers form a path for you to run and shoot forward and ram your opponent, flinging them away!
  • Other: It has no card, nor does it count towards the 3-Move limit. It is exclusively a default function within every DinoTector Spiny and DinoTector Spinosaurus card.

Anime StatsEdit

Water Move Card back

Ultimate Water's anime card's front is never seen

TCG StatsEdit

Ultimate Water TCG Card (German)

Ultimate Water TCG card

+500 or +1000; If "Spiny (DinoTector)" uses this Move, it gains +1000 Power instead of +500.



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