Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Ultimate Earth is a Earth Ultimate Move. It can only be used by DinoTector Tank/Saichania.


Arcade Stats[]

  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: None
  • Usage Condition: This Move can only be used after DinoTector Tank/Saichania has filled their armor bar and gained their DinoTector Armor, triggering on the first win after each time the bar is filled.
  • Effect: Crystal shards fly up around you, then summon giant crystals to border your path, charging through to break them and shooting at your opponent, ramming into them and sending them flying!
  • Other: It has no card, nor does it count towards the 3-Move limit. It is exclusively a default function within every DinoTector Tank and DinoTector Saichania card.

Anime Stats[]

Earth Move Card back

Ultimate Earth's anime card's front is never seen

  • Owner: Ed (Alpha Gang)
  • Used by: DinoTector Tank
  • Debut: The Third Cosmos Stone
  • Appeared In: 62, 74
  • Used to Defeat: Carcharodontosaurus (2nd)
  • Effect: Border your pathway with glowing purple crystals, then charge forward through them, gaining energy and momentum, and smash into your opponent, sending them tumbling away!
  • Other: It was created by Dr. Z to be used with the Earth Element Booster, which he gave to Ed. Tank can only use it with DinoTector Armor. It is Tank's fifth Move Card.

TCG Stats[]

Ultimate Earth TCG Card (German)

Ultimate Earth TCG card

+500 or +1000; If "Tank (Dinotector)" uses this Move, it gains +1000 Power instead of +500.


  • This is the only one of the six "real" Ultimate Moves (there are 6 other TCG-only ones) whose TCG card image isn't a scene from the anime. Instead, it is from a Crystal Crusher arcade card.
  • It is the only Ultimate Move that didn't defeat one of the Space Pirates' altered dinosaurs (when Tank used it in a Combo Move with Spiny's Ultimate Water in The Haunted Hunt, Gigas blocked it).


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