Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Tupuxuara Dive is a Normal Move Card.


Arcade Stats

Tupuxuara Dive arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition+)

It is the first Assist Move of Tupuxuara.

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Rock
  • Usage Condition: This Move can activates after you win at any sign (after the icon "!" appeared).
  • Effect: Tupuxuara swoops in and hits your opponent for extra damage after a win!


This card was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime Stats

Tupuxuara Dive's anime card's front is never seen

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Owner: Zander (Alpha Gang)
  • Used by: Tank
  • Debut: The Haunted Hunt
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: Tupuxuara swoops in and hits your opponent!
  • Other: It was Tank's seventh Move Card. Though the card is likely from Dr. Z, where the Tupuxuara it contains came from is never indicated.


Mesozoic Meltdown

In The Haunted Hunt, Zander had Tank use Tupuxuara Dive alongside Ursula using Spiny's Anhanguera Dive to help save the D-Team after they fell off a collapsing bridge. Tupuxuara caught Zoe, and then helped the two Anhanguera chase Foolscap away.


  • It is the first Assist Move of Tupuxuara in the arcade; though it debuted in the same wave as Green Impulse, the Gekizan 2nd Edition, Normal Moves come before Super Moves on the numbered listing.
  • It was the second Pterosaur Dive Move in the arcade.
  • The glow around Tupuxuara and the sign of the Move Card (Rock) are both red, like its head crest and wing pattern. The other 2 Dive Moves (Anhanguera Dive and Tapejara Dive) work similarly.
  • When multiple Dive Moves trigger at once, the pterosaurs attack in different manners. When all three trigger, Tupuxuara attacks last and flies high above the opponent, swooping down to strike and slamming them flat onto their stomach.
  • It is the second Move Card available as Fossil Card and is the 15th Fossil card in arcade.
  • In the anime, this Move was likely made by Dr. Z, as no other Dinosaur used it before Tank, though the origin of the Tupuxuara it summons is unknown.



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