Animated Tsintaosaurus

full-sized Tsintao


Tsintao was only released in Japan in the 2008 CoroCoro Comic and is a promo card.

  • 2008 CoroCoro Comic (EX10-竜)


  • Tsintao is introduced in the arcade game by Max/Ryuta shouting "Who are you?!" ("Dare da omae wa?!") as it bounces on its pointed crest and strikes a pose before it goes through the normal Grass Dinosaur introductory animation. Only the main dinosaurs' chibi forms and Eoraptor have a similar pre-introduction scene, but they change form before the main introduction.
  • Even though its card shows it as a true Grass Dinosaur, the Kyoryu-King website's Special Dinosaur Museum shows its icon as a yellow exclamation mark on a purplish background, the symbol used by the Museum for Normal Move Dinosaurs.



Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Animated Tsintaosaurus

Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Animated Tsintaosaurus

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