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full-sized Tsintao

  • Species: Tsintaosaurus
  • Name: チンタオ (Tsintao)
  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Strength: 1200
  • Technique: 1000
  • Attack:
    • Scissors (Critical): 610
    • Rock/Paper: 420
  • Type: Tie Recovery Type
  • Arcade Nickname: やっぱ、悪知恵だっつーの! (After all, its a bad wisdom!)
  • Other: It sort of looks like a chibi dinosaur, even though it's as big as a regular Tsintaosaurus. It was a prize from a contest made by Sega.


Tsintao was only released in Japan in the 2008 CoroCoro Comic and is a promo card.

  • 2008 CoroCoro Comic (EX10-竜)


  • Tsintao is introduced in the arcade game by Max/Ryuta shouting "Who are you?!" ("Dare da omae wa?!") as it bounces on its pointed crest and strikes a pose before it goes through the normal Grass Dinosaur introductory animation. Only the main dinosaurs' chibi forms and Eoraptor have a similar pre-introduction scene, but they change form before the main introduction.
  • Even though its card shows it as a true Grass Dinosaur, the Kyoryu-King website's Special Dinosaur Museum shows its icon as a yellow exclamation mark on a purplish background, the symbol used by the Museum for Normal Move Dinosaurs.
  • This Tsintao comes from the Tsintao Manga released in CoroCoro Ichiban magazines. Whilst no part of the manga has been recovered, frames from it are featured in the background on the back of the card!



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