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Super Triceratops/Awakened Triceratops (arcade/DS game) is an upgraded form/version of Triceratops that is exclusive to the arcade and DS game, respectively. Although they are the same species, Super Triceratops and Super Chomp have different cards and stats.


Arcade Stats[]

Triceratops super card

Super Triceratops arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)


Like all Super Dinosaurs, it was only available in the Japanese arcade.

DS Stats[]

  • Name: Awakened Triceratops
  • Elemental Attribute: Lightning
  • Critical Move: Scissors
  • Rarity: 6 star
  • Battle Type: Tie Type
  • Fossil/Move Set: Story gift (North American Normal Moves, LV31 Lightning Spear (P))
  • Users:
    • (None, player only)
  • Encyclopedia number: (N/A)
  • Special Acquisition: This Dinosaur's LV28 card is unlocked after the scripted loss to Seth (2B) while playing as Max, becoming the only Dinosaur in the player's party after the event.
  • Other: It is one of the Dinosaurs whose Rarity-based Super Move breaks the Sign pattern, learning a Paper Move as a Scissors Dinosaur.


  • Although a Super Dinosaur typically has the same Strength and twice the Technique and Attacks of its regular form, the stats of Triceratops and Super Triceratops are seemingly unrelated. On the backs of Super Triceratops arcade cards, there are images of a yellow/orange Triceratops (who isn't Chomp) with the appropriate numbers of points compared to the Super form. The possible reason is that the "orange" Triceratops replaced the status of Styracosaurus, the first Gold rare Lightning Dinosaur that in all other Elements was their main dinosaur's species.
  • Along with Super Titanosaurus, Torvosaurus, Sinraptor, Tsintaosaurus, and Talarurus, it is one of the second round of Super Dinosaurs released.
  • It is the first Super Dinosaur available in the Japanese McDonald Happy Set Meal Edition.
  • It is instead called "Awakened Triceratops" in the DS Game, debuting long before its arcade version, and being a permanent altered version separate from its base form, instead of a temporary upgrade like in the arcade.




Dinosaur King 古代王者恐竜キング- Wake up! New Power!!- Space Pirates (stage 2)- Super Triceratops Gameplay

Gameplay by DinoTenka


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