Although likely incidental, the number of upper jaw teeth in Dinosaur King's Torvosaurus model indicate it to belong to the only species known at the time of the franchise, T. tanneri.

General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Torvosaurus

Torvosaurus arcade roar
  • Name: Torvosaurus tanneri/gurneyi
  • Name Meaning: Savage Lizard
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 10-11 meters (33-36 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Jurassic
  • Classification: Megalosauroidea --> Megalosauridae --> Megalosaurinae
  • Place Found: USA and Portugal
  • Discoverer: Jensen and Stadtman, 1972

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Arcade StatsEdit

Torvosaurus card

Torvosaurus arcade card (Taiwanese New 4th Edition)

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Strength: 1600
  • Technique: 600
    • Compatibility: Tab 3
  • Attack:
    • Scissors (Critical): 700
    • Rock/Paper: 450
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: 暴走ファイター
    • English: The Crazed Fighter
    • Taiwanese: 暴走戰士
  • Types:
    • Tie Type (Japanese 2006 series; English & Taiwanese Series 1)
    • Hunter Type (Japanese 2007 series; English Series 2; Taiwanese New Series)
    • Heroic Type (Japanese promo card & Gekizan series)
  • Card Rarity: Bronze
  • Altered Forms: Super Torvosaurus


Anime StatsEdit

Fire Dinosaur Card back

Torvosaurus' anime card's front is never seen

Move CardsEdit

Magma Blaster
Torvosaurus shoots a beam of fire and lava at its opponent!

TCG StatsEdit


Torvosaurus TCG Card

Torvosaurus TCG card

The Torvosaurus was a massive carnivore that lived in the Jurassic Period. It had very long, powerful teeth and a stout body.

Ferocious TorvosaurusEdit

Ferocious Torvosaurus

Ferocious Torvosaurus TCG card

[Bite] When this Dinosaur wins a battle during your turn, your opponent loses 1 extra Life Point.
[Frenzy] At the end of your turn, you lose 1 Life Point.

Roman TorvosaurusEdit

Torvosaurus-Roman TCG Card (German)

Roman Torvosaurus TCG card

  • Element: Fire
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1700
  • Level: 4
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: DKDS-004/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: Ep. 51 anime scene
  • Flavor Text:
Based on some fossils found in Portugal, it is thought that the skull of the Torvosaurus was as big as 5 feet long! That would make it nearly as big as the Tyrannosaurus.

DS StatsEdit

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Critical Move: Scissors
  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Other: It is used by Zander to fight the player.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

It was first controlled by Gabbro on the Space Pirate Ship to scare the D-Team's kidnapped parents in Alien Parent Trap to get Dr. and Mrs. Ancient to help the Spectral Space Pirates.

In Ancient Roman Holiday, it was used to "say hello" to a group of Roman soldiers attacking Gabbro in Sophia's home village of Trachia, using Magma Blaster and scaring them off. Later, it was summoned against Chomp when Gabbro tried taking Sophia from the D-Team. It activated its Spectral Armor form and used Magma Blaster, Chomp breaking through the fire beam with Thunder Bazooka, but the armor was strong enough to stop his attack. Ace joined the battle, but neither were a match for Torvosaurus. It used Magma Blaster again and nearly defeated them, backing them up to the edge of a cliff, but they used the Fusion Move Thunder Storm Bazooka, destroying its Spectral Armor and defeating it. Its card and Move Card were then reclaimed by Max. A shard of its Spectral Armor was taken by Dr. Z to later create the Element Boosters from.

Character DesignEdit


Not much is known about the personality of Torvosaurus, since it was under the control of the Space Pirates when it fought the D-Team. It appears to be a very strong dinosaur since it almost defeated Chomp and Ace, and it required a Fusion Move to break through its Spectral Armor, inspiring Dr. Z to strengthen the D-Team's Move Cards as a countermeasure. Of course, its dominance likely came from its Spectral Armor catching the D-Team unprepared, and later fights against equally strong dinosaurs became easier as they adapted and improved their arsenal.




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