Thunder Storm Bazooka is a Lightning/Wind Fusion Move appearing in the anime and DS game.


Thunder Storm Bazooka (Chomp-Ace) 06

Chomp using Thunder Storm Bazooka


  • It was the first Fusion Move used in the anime, being used shortly after Dr. Z told Max and Rex that Fusion Moves were possible.
  • As a Fusion Move, in the anime it has no card, instead only being accessible through simultaneous usage of Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone.
  • Its function is very similar to that of just Thunder Bazooka, but with the Wind Element giving the attack extra power; the DS Game uses a similar method for the rest of its Fusion Moves.
  • It was the first Move to destroy a dinosaur's Spectral Armor, after an attack of just Thunder Bazooka wasn't enough.
  • It was used three times during the anime to defeat two dinosaurs; the only one to survive being targeted was Yangchuanosaurus, who Sheer recalled before the attack could hit.


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