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Thunder Storm Bazooka/Thunderstorm Bazooka (also "Thunder Storm Bazooka" in Japanese) is a Lightning/Wind Fusion Move appearing in the anime and DS game.


Anime Stats[]

Thunder Storm Bazooka (Chomp-Ace) 06

Chomp using Thunder Storm Bazooka

DS Stats[]

  • Name: Thunderstorm Bazooka ("T-Storm Bazooka" in menus)
  • Elemental Attribute: Lightning
  • Hand Sign: Scissors
  • MP Cost: 7MP
  • Damage: x1.6 otherwise / x3.0 in Wind battlefield
  • Effect: On a Wind battlefield, leap up and spin with electricity and wind spiraling around you, then ram into your foe! If used outside a Wind battlefield, use Thunder Bazooka's animation instead.


  • Its anime name is assumed to be three words ("Thunder Storm Bazooka") instead of two ("Thunderstorm Bazooka") because of the pause between Max and Rex respectively saying "Thunder" and "Storm", at least during its first usage, but it is never presented in writing to confirm or deny. It is two words in the DS game, but that version only features one card for one user.
  • It was the first definitive Fusion Move used in the anime, being used shortly after Dr. Z told Max and Rex that Fusion Moves were possible.
  • As a Fusion Move, in the anime it has no card, instead only being accessible through simultaneous usage of Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone.
  • Its function is very similar to that of just Thunder Bazooka, but with the Wind Element giving the attack extra power; the DS Game uses a similar method for the rest of its Fusion Moves.
  • It was the first Move to destroy a dinosaur's Spectral Armor, after an attack of just Thunder Bazooka wasn't enough. Other non-Ultimate Moves are later shown to be strong enough to do this, however, suggesting Dr. Z strengthened every Move in the D-Team's arsenal like with the "new" Move Emerald Garden.
  • It was used three times during the anime to defeat two dinosaurs; the only one to survive being targeted was Yangchuanosaurus, who Shear recalled before the attack could hit.
  • Despite being the major Fusion Move of the anime, it has no cross-promotion appearance in the TCG, whose Black Dinosaur Rampage deck already features Fusion Moves and Black Dinosaurs much like season 1's finale arc. Lightning and Wind are even one of the 6 combinations used for TCG Fusion Moves, though all are Wind with added Lightning instead of Thunder Storm Bazooka's Lightning with added Wind.



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