Therizinosaurs were an unusual group of coelurosaurian theropods, walking flat-footed on all four toes and possessing three signature giant claws on each hand. Members of this group also sport long necks and small heads, and were all herbivorous, despite being theropods. They are close relatives of the oviraptorosaurs.

The only therizinosaurs seen have been a Secret Dinosaur and in a Normal Move, so their native element is unknown, though based on related coelurosaurs, it might be Wind. However, a now-non-functioning Dino Holder game website depicts Therizinosaurus to be a Fire Dinosaur. This is probably due to therizinosaurs presumably having difficulty using many Wind Moves convincingly due to their bulky physique. However, it remains unclear how they would use Fire Moves since they don't have the large jaws of other Fire Dinosaurs, but it is guessable that they would use their large claws instead.







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