For the armored version of Tyrannosaurus, see Tyrannosaurus/Armor.


Arcade StatsEdit

Terry DinoTector Armor Card 7

DinoTector Terry arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 1st Edition)


Like all armored dinosaurs, he was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime StatsEdit

Terry (DinoTector Armor) 2

DinoTector Terry summoning screen

Main article: Terry

Move CardsEdit

Ultimate Fire
Terry gathers fire around him, then charges, pushing a wall of fire in front of him and rams into the enemy! Provided by Dr. Z.
Heat Eruption
A storm of flaming hot meteors rain from the sky above Terry! Acquired after Mapusaurus' defeat.
Magma Blaster
Terry collects fire in his mouth, then shoots it off as a beam! Several possible origins.

TCG StatsEdit

Tyrannosaurus - Terry DinoTector TCG Card 1-DKDS-Gold (German)

Terry (Dinotector) TCG card (DKDS)

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 2000, 1900 (PP1)
  • Level: -
  • Life: 3
  • Card Code: DKDS-080/100, DKDS-095/100, DKTA-080/100, SAS-074/100, PP1-001/006, DKJC-0??/100
  • Card Rarity: Gold Rare (DKDS-SAS), Colossal Rare (DKDS), Colossal Exclusive (PP1), Unknown (DKJC)
  • Other: As a Dinotector Dinosaur, it can only be summoned by being placed on top of a small form Terry with the [Dinotector On] ability. His card from the Jurassic Clash booster set is unknown, but presumably exists.
  • Abilities:
[Fire Master] (all)
This Dinosaur can use all Fire Super Moves.
[Ultimate Bite] (DKDS)
If this Dinosaur uses an Ultimate Super Move during your turn, it gains [Bite: 2] during that battle. (If you win, your opponent loses 2 extra Life Points. An Ultimate Super Move is any Super Move with "Ultimate" in its name.)
[Fire of Justice] (DKTA)
If this Dinosaur attacks a level 6 or higher Spectral Armor Dinosaur, this Dinosaur gains +1000 Power during that battle.
[Alpha Gang Unification] (SAS)
At the end of your turn, if you have "Spiny (Battle Mode)" or "Tank (Battle Mode)" in play you can choose a "Spiny" or "Tank" in your deck and put it in your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
[Fire Strengthening] (PP1)
When this Dinosaur attacks, you can reveal your hand. If all the cards revealed are Fire cards, this Dinosaur has 2200 Power during that battle.



TheSellerofJapaneseC - DinoTector Arcade

TheSellerofJapaneseC - DinoTector Arcade

DinoTector video (c) TheSellerofJapaneseC

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