Temple Priest

Temple Priest

The Temple Priest is a man that the D-Team meets outside the Temple of the Sun in Peru during Temple Tempest.


He is initially suspicious of the D-Team as "outsiders", but allows them to assist after they show knowledge of the Alpha Gang, who had just used Terry to bust into the Sun Temple he and his followers were worshiping at. In the end, he gladly thanks the D-Team for their actions in helping to "appease the spirits" of the Sun and Moon, leading his followers in praising Chomp and Pawpawsaurus.


He is suspicious of people and a firm believer in the spirits of the Sun and Moon, insisting that Terry was "Divine Rage" instead of a physical dinosaur. He is shown to have a sense of humor, however, claiming at first that the way to appease the spirits was to make children eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, before admitting it was to offer a sacrificial doll.

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