Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

These are the Dinosaurs that appear only in the TCG. For a complete list of all dinosaurs in Dinosaur King (minus those here under the heading "Alternate Dinosaurs"), see List of Dinosaur Cards.

Altered Dinosaurs[]

Alpha Dinosaurs[]

Arrhinoceratops Alpha TCG Card

Alpha Arrhinoceratops TCG card

The TCG has two Alpha Dinosaurs of each Element (1 for Fire) that are not seen anywhere else.

Black Dinosaurs[]

Saichania Black TCG Card (foreign)

Black Saichania TCG card

Other than the Black Tyrannosaurus, all Black Dinosaurs are TCG-only, all being from Black Dinosaur Rampage.

Armored Dinosaurs[]


Spectral Armor Iguanodon TCG card (Thai)

There are only 2 Armored Dinosaurs that appear only in the TCG, neither being available in English.

Alternate Dinosaurs[]

Speculative/descriptive name; they have no official designation. These are the alternately-named dinosaurs whose stats differ from those of the regular dinosaur, used increasingly to pad out later decks after most other dinosaurs had already been featured. Functionally, there is no game difference between them and regular dinosaurs in any capacity. They do not count as having the same name as their regular forms for any rules or effects, save serving as the base for summoning Spectral Armor Dinosaurs. There are no TCG-only Secret Dinosaurs. (Those marked with an * are names translated from French-only SAS cards, and so might vary; those marked with ** are tentatively translated from Thai-only JCL cards, and so might vary more.)


Alioramus-Roaring TCG Card (French)

Roaring Alioramus TCG card


Camarasaurus-Majestic TCG Card

Majestic Camarasaurus TCG card


Pachyrhinosaurus-Snow-Peak TCG Card

Snow-Peak Pachyrhinosaurus TCG card


Grazing Tarchia TCG card

Grazing Tarchia TCG card


Corythosaurus-Twilight TCG Card (French)

Twilight Corythosaurus TCG card


Allosaurus-City Stalker TCG Card

City Stalker Allosaurus TCG card