Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Strength (HP in the DS game) is a statistic from the arcade game. There is confusion between it and Power from the TCG, each being the biggest number listed on the cards.


Carnotaurus card

Carnotaurus arcade card, 2000 Strength

In the arcade game, Strength is a measure of the dinosaur's health. When entering battle, they have a health bar filled with the number listed here, and this is depleted by the opponent's Attack stat if the opponent wins a match-up. Equipping certain Super Moves boosts a dinosaur's Strength slightly, depending on the card. During gameplay, however, the numbers are never shown onscreen for either player, simply a colored bar beneath their card's unaltered Strength (approximately: green = 100%-61%, yellow = 60%-24%, red = 23%-0%).

The Strength of a dinosaur usually ranges between 1000 and 2000, and aside from "star players", are often based on how large a dinosaur is relative to other dinosaurs of its Attribute. (e.g. A small Water Dinosaur may have less Strength than a large Wind Dinosaur despite the Water Dinosaur probably being bigger than the Wind Dinosaur, simply because most Water Dinosaurs are already bigger than most Wind Dinosaurs and it therefore wouldn't be fair to use absolute size across all dinosaurs as a determining factor.)

Strength and Technique are often inversely related, minimum of one alongside maximum of the other.

DS Game[]

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HP is the equivalent function of Strength for the DS game, but with three major differences: 1) no Move Card selections will boost HP for a particular battle, 2) HP increases as the dinosaur levels up throughout the game, and 3) both player and enemy dinosaurs' numerical max and current HPs are visible to the player at all times (the bar still goes through green, yellow, and slowly flashing red with roughly 60% and 25% transitions). HP replenishes by 1 for every step taken outside of battle, except for turning in a corner without changing tiles, the step which triggers an encounter or where an active Book or Drop item displays the message that it is ending, or any automatic walking during cutscenes. When leveling up, max HP increases, but current HP does not, meaning all newly leveled-up Dinosaurs will have less than 100% HP, but the same point value as before. Dinosaurs feature one of several standard HP stat curves, matching precisely at every level, which is determined by their Rarity star count, with more stars indicating a higher HP curve. HP curves start at 200 or 210 and increase by 35-53 per level depending on Rarity and if Defense Type, higher Rarity curves rising faster. HP, Rarity, and Attack Power all scale together, while scaling opposite of Technique, which is highest when the rest are lowest and vice versa. Dinosaurs will have a higher HP curve than others of the same Rarity if they are Defense Type (~1.05x); these do not match the curves of higher Rarities, but can initially be slightly higher than the next one up. Dinosaurs of all Rarities that are not Defense Type have the same HP at levels 1 and 2, but differ above that; Defense Types also match each other at those levels but with higher values.