Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Stanley Spinoberg

Stanley Spinoberg is a Hollywood director in Lights, Camera, Destruction!. He and his gallery of previous movies are based on real-life director Steven Spielberg.


Dr. Owen was working as dinosaur consultant on Spinoberg's latest movie, but the two had "conflicting" views on how the movie should be made. Spinoberg insisted on sacrificing scientific accuracy for the dinosaurs in favor of drama and effect, saying "the Jurassic was boring" and adding modern artillery to the scene to demonstrate his vision (accidentally activating Pentaceratops' card), and even replacing an animatronic Tyrannosaurus that briefly scared the D-Team with one covered in painted flower designs with a large bow and lipstick to show it as a caring mother.

After first seeing it, he obsessively followed Pentaceratops with a movie camera, on-the-fly scripting a movie featuring it fighting Terry to defend its animatronic Triceratops love interest (driven by the D-Team's chibi dinosaurs), before Chomp appeared as a rival.


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