Spectre (ジャーク Jaku) is the leader of the Spectral Space Pirates (Zanjark). In the dub, he is also referred to as "Boss", and is voiced by Marc Diraison.

Character DesignEdit

Spectre is large muscular man and who is leader of the Spectral Space Pirates. Spectre has white hair that is divided into three parts, as well as a beard and mustache. He has green skin and pointy ears. He always wears a purple cloak that surrounds his entire body, with gold shoulder plates. His Dino Holder is attached to his shoulder plate, and unlike the other Space Pirates', it shows the Space Pirate emblem instead of just being silver.



He often is seen humming (in the dub, he is a horrible singer), and has "Brontikens" (his Apatosaurus) on his lap in chibi form. Whenever things go wrong, he is seen biting on a handkerchief, showing him to somewhat sensitive. Spectre's personality, unlike most of Dinosaur King's villians, is very femine and maybe even bisexual. This is proven in quite a few of the Omake manga shorts on the website, in his arcade card, and even in the anime itself, where he is depicted as wearing a frilly apron and winking at Seth a few of times.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

In's Four-Frame Manga, Spectre is often seen having a crush on Seth, much to Seth's chagrin.


TCG LoresEdit

(SAS) Choose 2 Spectral Armor Dinosaur cards in your deck and move them into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.


  • Spectre's handkerchief color is pink.
  • Bronto may be a girl, as in the original, Spectre calls Bronto "Bronto-chan". (-chan is often used for girls, -kun is often used for boys)
  • Spectre's Japanese name shares the Japanese word for the Jamaican cooking style known as Jerk or jerk spice. His dub name might be a pun on the word "Spectrum" which defines the colors of a rainbow that may reflect on his affectionate personality. This can be minorly supported by the fact he uses a dinosaur with the Secret Element.


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