Spectral Stinger (Jark Stinger) is a Spectral Ultimate Move that can only be used by Spectral Armor Armatus.


Arcade StatsEdit

  • Attribute: Spectral (Earth Dinosaur)
  • Sign: None
  • Usage Condition: This Move can only be used after Spectral Armor Armatus has filled his armor bar and gained his Spectral Armor, triggering on the first win after each time the bar is filled.
  • Effect: Sharp casings extend from the armor spikes on Armatus' sides, then shoot off in a barrage that hit the opponent before exploding!
  • Other: Like all arcade Ultimate Moves, it has no card, nor does it count towards the 3-Move limit. It is exclusively a default function within every Spectral Armor Armatus card.

Anime StatsEdit


  • It is the only Spectral Move that uses multiple hits or that can target multiple dinosaurs at once (without extra effort).
  • In the arcade, it is very similar to Spike Arrows.
  • The explosion that the arcade's usage ends on makes no appearance in the anime's usage.
  • It was the third Spectral Move to be used in the anime, and the only one not used during its owner's debut.
  • Owing to Spectral Punisher's apparent inclusion in the half-known Jurassic Clash TCG booster, Spectral Stinger may also have a TCG appearance, though this can't be directly confirmed.
  • When Armatus used the Move against Cryolophosaurus, he ran at him while the sharp casings were still attached to his armor spikes instead of shooting them off.


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