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Space Pirates and their Altered Dinosaurs

These are the Dinosaurs that the Space Pirates (typically Gabbro, Foolscap, or Shear) summon (except for Genie) to battle the D-Team, Alpha Gang, and anyone else they encounter who won't help them find the Cosmos Stones, and are normally provided by Seth. All the dinosaurs listed here (minus Megalosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, and the Move Card Dinos) are used with Spectral Armor at least some of the time, and were all presumably rescued from the Space Pirates by the end of the season. Almost all were defeated and reclaimed by either the D-Team or Alpha Gang before the finale (their four main altered dinosaurs were defeated, but it wasn't revealed if they were recaptured; Ankylosaurus was called back before it could be defeated; Megalosaurus was defeated by Shear's Deinonychus and it's unclear what happened to its card; and Achelousaurus was reclaimed by Gabbro after it's defeat). Cryolophosaurus was technically only controlled by Seth after he had turned on the Space Pirates.

They are listed below in order of their first appearance under Space Pirate control in the anime (episode numbers relate to their placement in Mesozoic Meltdown), very few appearing in any later episodes.

Ancient Rome Arc[]

Caribbean Sea Arc[]

Ancient China Arc[]

Ancient Japan Arc[]

Ancient Persia Arc[]

Renaissance Paris Arc[]

Finale Arc[]


  • Their dinosaur cards are all purle instead of gray and the glow of their dinosaurs is always purple (usually a pinker shade than Earth), regardless of Element. However, when a dinosaur gets defeat while wearing Spectral Armor, their armor will be destroyed and they return to a normal gray card with their normal Element's glow.
  • When a dinosaur gets defeated, they often leave it behind, possibly because they aren't able to summon it anymore, or consider its defeat to show it as unworthy of future use. Still, it is unknown why Gabbro uniquely reclaims his Achelousaurus.
  • The Space Pirates seem to have an aversion to Grass Dinosaurs, having only summoned Shantungosaurus and Lanzhousaurus from this Attribute. This is possibly due to the fact that many hadrosaurs/iguanodonts are not particularly good fighters and are therefore not as effective for the Space Pirates.
    • Grass is also the only Attribute from which the Space Pirates did not summon a dinosaur seen in season 1.
  • Most of Shear's dinosaurs are carnivores while most of Foolscap's dinosaurs are herbivores. Gabbro's dinosaurs, however, are evenly divided between carnivores and herbivores.
  • None of the Space Pirates has summoned a dinosaur from each of the six main attributes. Gabbro did not summon a Grass (or Secret) Dinosaur, Foolscap did not summon a Fire Dinosaur, and Shear did not summon a Water Dinosaur (she took control of Genie, but didn't technically summon him).
    • Ironically, these three attributes correspond to the same three types that the main starters Pokemon have in the Pokemon series.
  • Although the Space Pirates summoned many dinosaurs, it was actually only a fraction of the dinosaurs they had, as numerous dinosaurs were seen in the possessions on the Space Pirates' ship, all of which were season 1 dinosaurs.
  • With the exception of Isisaurus (presumably Genie) and the Deinonychus trio (which might've been Dr. Z's), none of the dinosaurs that the Space Pirates used against the D-Team/Alpha Gang can be seen in the finale, despite Dr. Z claiming to have rescued them from the Pirates' ship.
    • This suggests a dubbing change/mistake, and hints that the dinosaurs in this scene are mainly from Dr. Ancient's expedition, supported by the Saurolophus pair and other key or memorable players making (re)appearances.
  • Genie's example shows that the Space Pirates can even control dinosaurs they did not summon themselves and equip them with Spectral Armor. However, since they have never tried to control the main D-Team and Alpha Gang dinosaurs, it can be assumed that dinosaurs that have already been summoned by someone else are immune to the control. Seth previously explained to Shear that Genie was a wild card dinosaur, which confirms that she would not have been able to control him if he had been summoned with a Stone.
  • The Ancient Rome and Ancient Persia Arcs are the only 4-episode arcs where the Spectral Space Pirates only used new dinosaurs without any old dinosaurs from Season 1 mixed in.
  • Ancient Japan arc had the highest amount of old Season 1 dinosaurs used with 4 being (Megalosaurus, Deinonychus, Baryonyx, and Pentaceratops). The 2 new dinosaurs used in this arc were Gojirasaurus and Tuojiangosaurus, in the first and last episodes respectively.