Space Pirates & Dinos

Space Pirates and their Altered Dinosaurs

These are the Dinosaurs that the Space Pirates (typically Gavro, Foolscap, or Sheer) summon (except for Genie) to battle the D-Team, Alpha Gang, and anyone else they encounter who won't help them find the Cosmos Stones, and are normally provided by Seth. All the dinosaurs listed here (minus Megalosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, and the Move Card Dinos) are used with Spectral Armor at least some of the time, and were all presumably rescued from the Space Pirates by the end of the season. Almost all were defeated and reclaimed by either the D-Team or Alpha Gang before the finale (their four main altered dinosaurs were defeated, but it wasn't revealed if they were recaptured; Ankylosaurus was called back before it could be defeated; Megalosaurus was defeated by Sheer's Deinonychus and it's unclear what happened to its card; and Achelousaurus was reclaimed by Gavro after it's defeat). Cryolophosaurus was technically only controlled by Seth after he had turned on the Space Pirates.

They are listed below in order of their first appearance under Space Pirate control in the anime (episode numbers relate to their placement in Mesozoic Meltdown).

Ancient Rome ArcEdit

Caribbean Sea ArcEdit

Ancient China ArcEdit

Ancient Japan ArcEdit

Ancient Persia ArcEdit

Renaissance Paris ArcEdit

Finale ArcEdit

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