The Spectral Space Pirates

Spectral Space Pirate Symbol

Space Pirate symbol

The Spectral Space Pirates (in Japanese, the Space Pirate Zanjark; 宇宙海賊ザンジャーク Uchū Kaizoku Zanjāku) are the main antagonists in the second season. The members are Spectre (Jark), Gabbro (Gunenco), Foolscap (Zapper), Shear (Mihasa), and Seth (Nopis), also being served by the Gel Jarks. In the arcade game, there is an additional member, Goma, who neither appears nor is mentioned in the anime.

They can travel throughout space and time using their ship. In the anime, they kidnap the parents of the D-Team to make Dr. and Mrs. Ancient build them a detection device, unintentionally causing the D-Team to follow them and interfere with their plans. Throughout the season, they control various dinosaurs equipped with Spectral Armor, though these are rarely retrieved after being defeated, instead being abandoned and replaced. The Space Pirates' five main dinosaurs that are used (all only near the finale) are Gigas (Gabbro), Armatus (Foolscap), Maximus (Shear), Brontikens (Spectre), and Cryolophosaurus (Seth). Other than Seth's, these are their signature dinosaurs in the arcade game, plus Eocarcharia (Goma).


They use dinosaur cards provided by Seth to aid them in their search for the 7 Cosmos Stones: Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Red, Green, and Black. These Stones will allow them, once combined, to control space and time, pretty much making them the controllers of everything.

Spectral Space Pirates' DinosaursEdit

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