Spectral Punisher is a Spectral Move Card that can only be used by Spectral Armor Maximus.


Spectral Punisher

Maximus using Spectral Punisher

  • Attribute: Spectral (Lightning Dinosaur)
  • Owner: Sheer
  • Used By: Maximus
  • Used to Defeat: Terry, Paris, Tank
  • First Appearance: The Haunted Hunt
  • Effect: Two 'Arms' appear on Maximus, then Maximus throws the opponent into the air, then shoots a thin beam that slices them. It can also be used without the opponent being thrown in the air. This move defeated Terry, Paris and Tank.
  • Other: Like the other Spectral Moves, and all arcade Ultimate Moves, it has no actual card, instead being a function of the Spectral Armor.


  • It is the only Spectral Move to use a long-range attacks, as well as using a short range.
  • It was the third Spectral Move to be used.


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