Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Spectral Lancer (Jark Lancer) is a Spectral Ultimate Move that can only be used by Spectral Armor Gigas.


Arcade Stats[]

  • Attribute: Spectral (Fire Dinosaur)
  • Sign: None
  • Usage Condition: This Move can only be used after Spectral Armor Gigas has filled his armor bar and gained his Spectral Armor, triggering on the first win after each time the bar is filled.
  • Effect: Five long "arms" grow from the four Spectral Armor spikes on Gigas' back and the space between the top two, then he runs forward, grab his opponent with them, and smashes them into an environmental obstacle!
  • Other: Like all arcade Ultimate Moves, it has no card, nor does it count towards the 3-Move limit. It is exclusively a default function within every Spectral Armor Gigas card.

Anime Stats[]

  • Attribute: Spectral (Fire Dinosaur)
  • Owner: Gabbro (Spectral Space Pirates), D-Team/Alpha Gang (probably) (never used)
  • Used By: Gigas
  • Used to Defeat: Spiny, Tank, Chomp, Terry
  • Debut: The Wee Musketeers
  • Effect: Jagged crystal masses grow over the four largest Spectral Armor spikes on Gigas' back then shatter into four long prongs, then he runs forward, grab his opponent with them, and lifts and smashes them into a wall (that often appears out of nowhere and then vanishes)!
  • Other: Like the other Spectral Moves, it has no actual card, instead being a function of the Spectral Armor activated directly from Gabbro's summoning device.

TCG Stats[]


Spectral Lancer TCG card (Thai)

+1000; {translation uncertain} {Only Dinosaurs with "Spectral Armor" in their name can use this. If a Dinosaur named "Spectral Armor Gigas" uses this Move card during your turn, this Move gives +3000 Power until the end of the battle instead.}


  • It is the only anime Spectral Move to not be a long-range attack, though the arcade-only Omega Phoenix is also a direct hit.
  • It was the first Spectral Move to be used in the anime, and the first one to defeat a dinosaur.
  • Its arcade animation appears to be based on Burning Dash, owing to both charging toward the opponent, grabbing them up, and then continuing forward to slam them into some form of barrier. Interestingly, the other Spectral Super Moves follow a similar pattern.
  • In the arcade, five long arms grow from the armor instead of four like in the anime, the fifth from the center of Gigas' back between the armor spikes.



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