Dinosaur King

As the arcade releases evolved, SEGA launched many types of special edition arcade cards. Especially in the Japanese version, SEGA released many editions such as Egg Cards, Fossil Cards, and so on. Some of these cards were released in the Japanese McDonald's Happy Set Meal Edition and CoroCoro Comic of Shogakukan. There were also some special cards released in official editions. Taiwanese also released Attribute Egg Cards, and could be acquired through the exchange of a number of ordinary cards.

Due to the Japanese official website's shutdown, sources are based on Japanese forums, blogs, tournament videos, and other archived images.

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CoroCoro Comics Cards

(Japanese: コロコロコミックカード) Though many special arcade cards appeared as the appendix of Japanese CoroCoro comics, there are only two cards appeared as CoroCoro Comic special card edition and is the earliest special card edition.

CoroCoro Comics Card
Code Number Image Card Name
第2紀 010-竜CO Acrocanthopromo.jpg Acrocanthosaurus
竜-24CO Allosaurus fragilis Card 10.png Allosaurus

Exclusive Cards

The Japanese cards with code number starting with "EX". Until 2009, there are 19 EX cards, as appendix from Japanese CoroCoro comics and gifts of Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum or other dinosaur exhibition.

Exclusive Card
Code Number & Year Image Card Name Availability
2006 EX01-竜 Centrosaurus Card 3 3rd.png Centrosaurus 3rd Edition hidden card
2006 EX02-竜 Mini King.jpg Mini-King 4th Edition promo card of 2006 October CoroCoro comic
2006 EX03-竜 Fukuisaurus Skeleton Card 2.png Fukuisaurus 5th Edition
2006 EX04A-竜 Fukuiraptor Skeleton Card 1b.jpg Fukuiraptor -
2006 EX04B-竜 Fukuiraptor Skeleton Card 2.jpg Fukuiraptor -
2006 EX04C-竜 Fukuiraptor Card 3 EX.png Fukuiraptor -
2007 EX01-竜 Acrocanthosaurus Skeleton Card 2.png Acrocanthosaurus Gift of Sanrio Puroland
2007 EX02-技 Skydive promo.jpg Skydive Gift of "Largest Pterosaur of the World" (世界最大の翼竜展) exhibition by Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History
2007 EX03-竜 Fukuisaurus Skeleton Card 1.png Fukuisaurus -
2007 EX04-竜 Fukuiraptor Skeleton Card 1a.png Fukuiraptor -
2007 EX05-竜 Saurophaganax card.jpg Saurophaganax Appendix of DS game with Fire Triple Slash card (see Triple Slash Card section)
2007 EX06-竜 Gojirasaurus card.jpg Gojirasaurus Appendix of CoroCoro comic (2007 4th Edition's card design)
2007 EX07-技 DeathGrindpromo.jpg Dinosaur's Fart Appendix of CoroCoro comic (2007 4th Edition's card design)
2008 EX08-竜 Jobaria Card.jpg Jobaria Appendix of CoroCoro comic
2008 EX09-竜 EX09.jpg Fukuisaurus Gift from Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
2008 EX10-竜 Tsintaosaurus-Animated Card.png Tsintao Appendix of 2008 CoroCoro comic
2009 EX11-竜 BlackTyrannoJap.jpg Black Tyrannosaurus Appendix of 2009 CoroCoro comic
2009 EX12-竜 Eocarcharia Card.png Eocarcharia -
2009 EX13-竜 Mapusaurusskeleton.jpg Mapusaurus Gift of "Dinosaurs of Gondwana" (日本初上陸大恐竜展) expo by Japanese National Museum of Nature and Science

Triple Slash Cards

(Japanese: トリプルスラッシュカード) Unlike ordinary rectangular cards, these are triangular cards like Velociraptor's Multiple Move anime cards, and one was likely the basis of the other. Each set included two cards, a regular Dinosaur Card, and a triangular card (the Triple Slash) with the three Attack Super Moves of the dinosaur's Element, one barcode on each side.

Triple Slash Cards were released by Japanese SEGA during the launch of the 2007 1st Edition cards. As triple cards were released in 2007, they can be used in English and Taiwanese arcade gameplay.

There are seven Triple Slash Cards. Saurophaganax was also released with a Triple Slash Card during the launch of the DS game, though it was not placed together with its Triple Slash Card.

List of Triple Slash Card sets
Image Dinosaurs Attribute Type Rock Move Scissors Move Paper Move
GigantoTriple.jpg Giganotosaurus Fire Counter Fire Cannon Fire Bomb Blazing Spin Attack
MaiaTriple.jpg Maiasaura Grass Crisis Egg Attack Big Foot Assault Metal Wing
TriTriple.jpg Triceratops Lightning Counter Lightning Strike Thunder Bazooka Lightning Spear
WaterTriple.jpeg Suchomimus Water Crisis Water Sword Tragedy of the Sphere Aqua Whip
Ankylosaur tripple slash card complete.png Ankylosaurus Earth Crisis Spike Arrows Mole Attack Earthquake
AlloTrio.jpg Allosaurus Wind Blitz Biting Wind Ninja Attack Tornado Toss
3slashSaurophaganx.jpg Saurophaganax Fire Super Attack Fire Cannon Fire Bomb Blazing Spin Attack

Egg Cards

There were four types of Egg cards (Japanese: たまごカード) in the Japanese version: Attribute Eggs, the Alpha Dinosaurs Egg, Continent Eggs, and Dinosaur Color Eggs. Although the English version did not release Attribute Egg cards, the Attribute Egg cards can be used in the English arcade.

When SEGA released the Japanese 2007 3rd Edition cards, they held the "Let's Get 7 Eggs" campaign. These seven egg cards are Alpha Dinosaurs Egg and the other six Attribute Egg cards: Lightning, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Grass.

The Egg cards included more than one dinosaur. The card's code number starts with "EGG".

List of Egg Cards
Code Number Image Card Name Card Type Dinosaurs Included Availability
EGG-001 Fire Egg

(1st Edition)

Attribute Egg Appendix of separate 2007 CoroCoro Comics
EGG-002 Fire Egg
(2nd Edition)
Attribute Egg Appendix of November 2007 CoroCoro Comics
EGG-003 Alpha Dinosaurs Egg
Alpha Dinosaurs Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 Kindergarten magazine,
EGG-004 Lightning Egg
Attribute Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 Televi-Kun magazine
EGG-005 Fire Egg
(3rd Edition)
Attribute Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 1st Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-006 Wind Egg
Attribute Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 2nd Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-007 Earth Egg
Attribute Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 3rd Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-008 Water Egg
Attribute Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's November 2007 4th Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-009 Grass Egg
Attribute Egg SEGA drawing prize
EGG-010 Secret Egg
(1st Edition)
Attribute Egg Hidden card of 2007 4th Edition+
EGG-011 North American Egg
Continent Egg Dinosaur King's 2008 Summer Complete Compensation Book
EGG-012 North American Egg II
Continent Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's February 2009 Kindergarten magazine
EGG-013 South American Egg
Continent Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's February 2009 1st Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-014 African Egg
Continent Egg Appendix of Shogakukan's February 2009 2nd Grade Primary School magazine
EGG-015 European Egg
Continent Egg Prize of Dinosaur King competition participation
EGG-016 Asian Egg
Continent Egg Kakushin 1st Edition
EGG-017 Red Dinosaurs Egg
Dinosaur Color Egg Kakushin 3rd Edition
EGG-018 Blue Dinosaurs Egg
Dinosaur Color Eggs
EGG-019 Green Dinosaurs Egg
Dinosaur Color Egg
EGG-020 Secret Egg
(2nd Edition)
Attribute Egg Kakushin 4th Edition
EGG-021 Secret Egg II
Attribute Egg

Taiwanese version

Taiwanese version only comes with six attributes Egg Cards, it could be ould be acquired through exchange with 30 ordinary cards. The asceding order of card numbers also differs from Japanese version

Code Number Image Card Name Dinosaurs Included
EGG-001 Lightning Egg 雷之蛋
EGG-002 Fire Egg 火之蛋
EGG-003 Wind Egg 風之蛋
EGG-004 Earth Egg 土之蛋
EGG-005 Water Egg 水之蛋
EGG-006 Grass Egg 草之蛋

Anime Dinosaur Cards

There are 19 Anime Dinosaur cards in total, 10 of them available in Taiwnese version and only one (Black Tyrannosaurus) available in English. Start from Japanese 11th card, most of these cards were available as appendix from various magazines.

The cards' code numbers start with "AN"; for example: AN01 - Chomp (07 2nd/New 2nd).

List of AN Cards (Japanese & Taiwanese)
Code Number Card Image (JP) Card Image (TW) Card Name Attribute Type Availability
AN01 ChompJap.jpg Chomp (Gabu) Lightning Super Crisis Japanese: 2007 2nd Edition
Taiwanese: New 2nd Edition
AN02 AceJap.jpg AceTai.jpg Ace Wind Super Blitz
AN03 ParisJap.jpg ParisTai.jpg Paris (Parapara) Grass Super Counter
AN04 TerryJap.jpg TerryTaiS23rd.jpg Terry (Tirano) Fire Super Attack Japanese: 2007 3rd Edition
Taiwanese: New 3rd Edition
AN05 SpinyJap.jpg SpinyTai.jpg Spiny (Spino) Water Super Tie
AN06 TankJap.jpg TankTai.jpg Tank (Saika) Earth Super Defense
AN07 ChompJap20073rd.jpg ChompTaiS23rd.jpg Chomp (Gabu) Lightning Super Crisis
AN08 Ace Card 4.png AceTaiS23rd.jpg Ace Wind Super Blitz
AN09 Paris Card 3.png ParisTaiS23rd.jpg Paris (Parapara) Grass Super Counter
AN10 BTR20074th.jpg Black Tyrannosaurus card.jpg Black Tyrannosaurus Fire Death Japanese: 2007 4th Edition+
Taiwanese: New 4th Edition
AN11 C696A0FF-FFD4-455F-B5B3-DC18C864D7A8.jpeg N/A Paris (Parapara) Grass Super Counter Promotional only
AN12 Spiny Card 2.png Spiny (Spino) Water Super Tie Appendix from Shogakukan's 4th Grade Primary School magazine
AN13 Terrypromo.jpg Terry (Tirano) Fire Super Attack Appendix from Shogakukan's Televi-Kun magazine
AN14 Chomppromo.jpg Chomp (Gabu) Lightning Super Crisis Appendix from Shogakukan's Kingdergarten magazine
AN15 Appendix from Shogakukan's 1st Grade Primary School magazine
AN16 Ace (Carnotaurus) card.jpg Ace Wind Super Blitz Appendix from Shogakukan's 2nd Grade Primary School magazine
AN17 TankJappromo.jpg Tank (Saika) Earth Super Defense Appendix from Shogakukan's 3rd Grade Primary School magazine
AN18 Terry (Tirano) Fire Super Attack Appendix from CoroCoro Ichiban magazine
AN19 TorvoAN.jpg Torvosaurus Fire Heroic Appendix from Pterosaur Legends DVD

While for English version, there are only one AN card and starts with AN01.

AN Card (English)
Code Number Card Image Card Name Attribute Type Availability
AN01 BTR.jpg Black Tyrannosaurus Fire Death Series 2 4th Edition

Fossil Cards

All three language versions had released Fossil Cards. There are 23 fossil cards in total, and 8 of them were available in the English and Taiwanese versions. To get the image of dinosaur skeletons, SEGA cooperated with the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum and Gunma Prefectural Museum of History. The cards' code numbers start with "KS"; for example: KS001 - Tarbosaurus. The battle Types of Fossil Dino cards are all Revival Type.

List of Fossil Cards
Code Number Card Image (JP) Card Image (EN) Card Image (TW) Card Name Card Type Attribute Skeleton Image from Availability
KS001 20170615 225333 2 bestshot.jpg TarboTaiFossil.jpg Tarbosaurus Dino Card Fire Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Japanese: 2007 3rd Edition
English: S2 3rd Edition
Taiwanese: New 3rd Edition
KS002 20170615 225455 5 bestshot.jpg Monolophosaurus Dino Card Wind
KS003 20170615 225542 8 bestshot.jpg Dilophosaurus Dino Card Wind
KS004 EuoploJapFossil.jpg EuoploTaiFossil.jpg Euoplocephalus Dino Card Earth
KS005 AcrocanthoJapFossil.jpg AcrocanthoFossil.jpg Acrocanthosaurus Dino Card Fire Japanese: 2007 4th Edition, 2007 4th Edition+
English: S2 4th Edition
Taiwanese: New 4th Edition
KS006 SaurolophusJapFossil.jpg SauroFossil.jpg Saurolophus Dino Card Grass
KS007 SinJapFossil.jpg SinFossil.jpg Sinraptor Dino Card Wind
KS008 TyrannoFossilS24th.JPG TyrannoTaiFossil.jpg Tyrannosaurus Dino Card Fire Japanese: 2007 4th Edition+
English: S2 4th Edition
Taiwanese: New 4th Edition
KS009 Fukuiraptor Skeleton Card 3.png N/A Fukuiraptor Dino Card Wind Japanese: Non-sale, promo card
KS010 ChasmoJapFossil.jpg Chasmosaurus Dino Card Lightning Japanese: Gekizan 1st Edition
KS011 Iguanodon Skeleton Card 1.jpg Iguanodon Dino Card Grass
KS012 AlloJapfossil.jpg Allosaurus Dino Card Wind Japanese: Gekizan 2nd Edition
KS013 Camptosaurus Skeleton Card.jpg Camptosaurus Dino Card Grass
KS014 AnhanFossil.jpg Anhanguera Dive (Anhanguera) Move Card Normal Gunma Prefectural Museum of History Japanese: Gekizan 2nd Edition, Gekizan 2nd Edition+
KS015 Tupuxuara Dive (Tupuxuara Skeleton) Card 1.jpg Tupuxuara Dive (Tupuxuara) Move Card Normal
KS016 Tapejara Dive (Tapejara Skeleton) Card 1.jpg Tapejara Dive (Tapejara) Move Card Normal Japanese: Gekizan 2nd Edition+
KS017 Tuojiangosaurus Skeleton Card 1.jpg Tuojiangosaurus Dino Card Earth Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Japanese: Gekizan 3rd Edition
KS018 SzechuanFossil.jpg Szechuanosaurus Dino Card Wind
KS019 ProsauroJapFossil.jpg Prosaurolophus Dino Card Grass Japanese: Kakushin 1st Edition
KS020 TriJapFossil.jpg Triceratops Dino Card Lightning Japanese: Kakushin 2nd Edition
KS021 EggAttackFossil.jpg Egg Attack (Oviraptor) Super Move Card Grass Non-sale, promo card
KS022 TherizinoFossil.jpg Therizinosaurus Dino Card Secret Japanese: Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum
KS023 Pachycephalosaurus Skeleton Card 1.jpg Pachycephalosaurus Dino Card Secret
KS024 Deinonychus Skeleton Card 1.jpg Deinonychus Dino Card Secret

Tyrannosaurus' Japanese Fossil Card used to be misprinted. According to Japanese SEGA news on 25 January 2008, the barcode of its card is the barcode of Tarbosaurus' Fossil Card.

DinoTector Dinosaur Cards

DinoTector Dino cards only available on the Japanese version, started from Gekizan 1st Edition to the final version (except for Kakushin 5th Edition). Not only these official editions, but the official also provided 3D image version for six cards (Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny, Tank), each type of card has 1000 units and divided into two groups: D-Kids and Alpha Gang.

There are 12 DinoTector Dinosaurs with 50 DinoTector Dino Cards in total. The cards' code numbers all start with "DT".

Cards named in bold are new to the relevant edition.

Code Number Card Name Image Type Edition
DT01-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card 7.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Gekizan 1st Edition
DT02-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 7.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT03-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card Geki 2nd.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Gekizan 2nd Edition, Gekizan 2nd Edition+
DT04-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card Geki 2nd.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT05-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card Geki 2nd.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT06-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card Geki 2nd.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT07-竜 Carnotaurus armor card.jpg Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense Gekizan 2nd Edition+
DT08-竜 Tank DinoTector Armor Card 6.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT09-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Gekizan 3rd Edition
DT10-竜 Ace DinoTector Armor Card 6.gif Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT11-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT12-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT13-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT14-竜 Tank DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT15-竜 Chomp (DinoTector) Strength 3D Image promo edition
DT16-竜 Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT17-竜 Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT18-竜 Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT19-竜 Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT20-竜 Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT21-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Kakushin 1st Edition
DT22-竜 Ace DinoTector Armor Card 5.gif Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT23-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT24-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT25-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT26-竜 Tank DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT27-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Kakushin 2nd Edition
DT28-竜 Ace DinoTector Armor Card 4.gif Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT29-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT30-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT31-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT32-竜 Tank DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT33-竜 Triceratops armor card.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Kakushin 3rd Edition
DT34-竜 Ace DinoTector Armor Card 3.gif Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT35-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT36-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT37-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT38-竜 Tank DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT39-竜 Chomp DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Chomp (DinoTector) Strength Kakushin 4th Edition
DT40-竜 Ace DinoTector Armor Card 2.gif Ace (DinoTector) Tie Defense
DT41-竜 Paris DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Paris (DinoTector) Recovery
DT42-竜 Terry DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Terry (DinoTector) Reform
DT43-竜 Spiny DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Spiny (DinoTector) Lucky 7
DT44-竜 Saichania armor card.gif Tank (DinoTector) Will-Power
DT45-竜 Triceratops DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Triceratops (DinoTector) Paper-Paper Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum
DT46-竜 Carnotaurus DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Carnotaurus (DinoTector) Scissors-Scissors
DT47-竜 Parasaurolophus armor card.gif Parasaurolophus (DinoTector) Rock-Rock
DT48-竜 Tyrannosaurus armor card.gif Tyrannosaurus (DinoTector) Rock-Rock
DT49-竜 Spinosaurus armor card.gif Spinosaurus (DinoTector) Paper-Paper
DT50-竜 Saichania DinoTector Armor Card 1.gif Saichania (DinoTector) Scissors-Scissors
p · e · t DinoTector Dinosaurs
D-Team: Chomp/Armor · Ace/Armor · Paris/Armor · Triceratops/Armor · Carnotaurus/Armor · Parasaurolophus/Armor
Alpha Gang Terry/Armor · Spiny/Armor · Tank/Armor · Tyrannosaurus/Armor · Spinosaurus/Armor · Saichania/Armor

Spectral Armor Dinosaur Cards

It was called "Jark Armor" in the original Japanese edition. Like DinoTector Dino cards, they were only available on the Japanese version, started from Gekizan 3rd Edition to the final edition.

There are five Spectral Armor Dinosaurs with 22 cards in total. The cards' code numbers all start with "JA".

Cards named in bold are new to the relevant edition.

Code Number Image Card Name Type Edition
JA01-竜 Gigas Spectral Armor Card 6.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Poison Gekizan 3rd Edition
JA02-竜 Maximus Spectral Armor Card 6.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA03-竜 Armatus Spectral Armor Card 6.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA04-竜 Gigas Spectral Armor Card 5.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Poison Kakushin 1st Edition
JA05-竜 Maximus card.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA06-竜 Armatus Spectral Armor Card 5.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA07-竜 Gigas Spectral Armor Card 4.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Poison Kakushin 2nd Edition
JA08-竜 Maximus Spectral Armor Card 5.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA09-竜 Armatus Spectral Armor Card 4.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA10-竜 Bronto Spectral Armor Card 2.gif Brontikens (Spectral Armor) Recovery
JA11-竜 Gigas Spectral Armor Card 3.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Poison Kakushin 3rd Edition
JA12-竜 Maximus Spectral Armor Card 4.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA13-竜 Armatus Spectral Armor Card 3.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA14-竜 Gigas armor.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Poison Kakushin 4th Edition
JA15-竜 Maximus Spectral Armor Card 3.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA16-竜 Armatus Spectral Armor Card 2.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Poison
JA17-竜 Eocarcharia Omega Armor Card 2.gif Eocarcharia (Spectral Armor Omega) Tie Recovery Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω
JA18-竜 Gigas Spectral Armor Card 2.gif Gigas (Spectral Armor) Scissors-Scissors Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum
JA19-竜 Maximus Spectral Armor Card 2.gif Maximus (Spectral Armor) Paper-Paper
JA20-竜 Armatus Card.gif Armatus (Spectral Armor) Rock-Rock
JA21-竜 Brontosaurus armor card.gif Brontikens (Spectral Armor) Recovery
JA22-竜 Eocarcharia armor card.gif Eocarcharia (Spectral Armor Omega) Tie Recovery
p · e · t Spectral Armor Dinosaurs
Arcade: Gigas/Armor · Maximus/Armor · Armatus/Armor · Brontosaurus/Armor · Eocarcharia/Armor
* * *
Anime: Torvosaurus/Armor · Shunosaurus/Armor · Majungasaurus/Armor · Yangchuanosaurus/Armor · Edmontonia/Armor · Diceratops/Armor · Jobaria/Armor · Megaraptor/Armor · Shantungosaurus/Armor · Mapusaurus/Armor · Achelousaurus/Armor · Carcharodontosaurus/Armor · Lanzhousaurus/Armor · Gojirasaurus/Armor · Megalosaurus/Armor · Deinonychus/Armor · Baryonyx/Armor · Tuojiangosaurus/Armor · Pentaceratops/Armor · Afrovenator/Armor · Pachyrhinosaurus/Armor · Lexovisaurus/Armor · Isisaurus/Armor · Rajasaurus/Armor · Anchiceratops/Armor · Gigas/Armor · Ankylosaurus/Armor · Armatus/Armor · Maximus/Armor · Brontosaurus/Armor
* * *
TCG-only: Euoplocephalus/Armor · Iguanodon/Armor
* * *
Manga-only: Amargasaurus/Armor

Combined Cards

(カスタマイズカード) The Combined Card is a class of cards that consists of a Dinosaur, three Moves, and a Character to use. If the player uses this type of card, it automatically scans in as the collective Dinosaur, Moves, and Character without other cards being allowed. The combined cards were only available in the Japanese version, and there are 18 combined cards in total. The cards' code numbers all start with "CC".

Code Number Image Card Name Moves Character Type Availability
CC-01 Chomp card.png Chomp Rock: Lightning Strike
Scissors: Electric Charge
Paper: Plasma Anchor
Max Strength McDonald Happy Set Meal Edition
CC-02 Ace card.png Ace Rock: Biting Wind
Scissors: Cyclone
Paper: Sonic Blast
Rex Tie Defense
CC-03 Paris card.jpg Paris Rock: Two Platoon Crush
Scissors: Emerald Garden
Paper: Metal Wing
Zoe Recovery
CC-04 Terry card.png Terry Rock: Dino Stuffer
Scissors: Fire Bomb
Paper: Burning Dash
Ursula Reform
CC-05 Spiny card.png Spiny Rock: Shockwave
Scissors: Ocean Panic
Paper: Alpha Dice
Zander Lucky 7
CC-06 Tank card.png Tank Rock:Tie Attack
Scissors: Crystal Break
Paper: Rock Roller
Ed Will-Power
CC-07 Gigas card.jpg Gigas Rock: Magma Blaster
Scissors: Death Fire
Paper: Atomic Bomb
Gavro Poison Gekizan 2nd Edition+ Space Pirates Dinosaur Combined Card series
CC-08 CC08.gif Maximus Rock: Blitz Counter
Scissors: Death Grind
Paper: Attack Burst
Sheer Poison
CC-09 Armatus card.jpg Armatus Rock: Defense Burst
Scissors: Venom Fang
Paper: Earth Barrier
Foolscap Poison
CC-10 CC10.gif Super Alpha Iguanodon Rock: ACT Missile
Scissors: Quick Strike
Paper: Archaeopteryx Charm
Ursula Blunder Kakushin 2nd Edition "Alpha Gang's Eocarcharia Hunting War Combined Cards" series
CC-11 CC11.gif Super Alpha Rajasaurus Rock: Power Drain
Scissors: Triple Headbutt
Paper: Stun Dash
Zander Blunder
CC-12 CC12.gif Super Alpha Suchomimus Rock: Smiling Hamburger
Scissors: Exciting Strawberry Cake
Paper: Happy Pudding
Ed Strength
CC-13 CC13.gif Super Alpha Chasmosaurus Rock: Dino Stuffer
Scissors: Banana Surprise
Paper: Softening Beam
Rod Rock-Rock
CC-14 CC14.gif Super Alpha Allosaurus Rock: Pawpaw Power
Scissors: Throb! ACT Darts!
Paper: Leaellyn Cure
Laura Paper-Paper
CC-15 CC15.gif Super Alpha Kentrosaurus Rock: Fight! Alpha Trooper!
Scissors: Hold on! Alpha Trooper!
Paper: Let's go! Alpha Trooper!
Dr. Z Scissors-Scissors
CC-16 Triceratops - Chomp Super Card 1.jpg Super Chomp Rock: Lightning Ax
Scissors: Final Thunder
Paper: Plasma Anchor
Max Super Kakushin 4th Edition Super D-Team Combined Cards series
CC-17 Carnotaurus - Ace Super Card 2.jpg Super Ace Rock: Air Raid Storm
Scissors: Ninja Attack
Paper: Sonic Blast
Rex Super
CC-18 Parasaurolophus - Paris Super Card 1.jpg Super Paris Rock: Two Platoon Crush
Scissors: Thorn Whip
Paper: Dino Force
Zoe Super

Super Dinosaur Cards

Super Dinosaur cards were only available in the Japanese version. There are 44 different Super Dinosaurs with 85 cards due to repeats, as they have different card numbers in different arcade editions, except for Super Therizinosaurus, because it's card numbers start with "SP". Also, there are 6 Super Dinosaur cards available in the Japanese McDonald Happy Set Meal special edition.

Cards named in bold are new to the relevant edition.

Code Number Image Card name Edition
SU01-竜 Super Tyrannosaurus.gif Super Tyrannosaurus Kakushin 1st Edition
SU02-竜 Majungasaurus super card.gif Super Majungasaurus
SU03-竜 Super Shantungosaurus.gif Super Shantungosaurus
SU04-竜 Nodosaurus Super Card.jpg Super Nodosaurus
SU05-竜 SuperEucentroKaku1st.jpg Super Eucentrosaurus
SU06-竜 Opisthocoelicaudia super.jpg Super Opisthocoelicaudia
SU07-竜 SuperTyrannoKaku2ndfront.jpg Super Tyrannosaurus Kakushin 2nd Edition
SU08-竜 Triceratops Super Card 4.gif Super Triceratops
SU09-竜 SuperTitano.jpg Super Titanosaurus
SU10-竜 Torvosaurus super card.gif Super Torvosaurus
SU11-竜 Sinraptor super card.gif Super Sinraptor
SU12-竜 Tsintaosaurus super card.gif Super Tsintaosaurus
SU13-竜 Talarurus Super Card 2.jpg Super Talarurus
SU14-竜 SuperTriHappy.jpg Super Triceratops McDonald Happy Set Meal Edition
SU15-竜 SuperCarnoHappy.jpg Super Carnotaurus
SU16-竜 SuperParaHappy.jpg Super Parasaurolophus
SU17-竜 SuperTyrannoHappy.jpg Super Tyrannosaurus
SU18-竜 SuperSpinoHappy.jpg Super Spinosaurus
SU19-竜 SuperSaichaHappy.jpg Super Saichania
SU20-竜 SuperTyranno4th.jpg Super Tyrannosaurus Kakushin 3rd Edition
SU21-竜 SuperTriKaku3rd.jpg Super Triceratops
SU22-竜 Carnotaurus Super Card 2.jpg Super Carnotaurus
SU23-竜 Altirhinus.gif Super Altirhinus
SU24-竜 Edmontonia super card.gif Super Edmontonia
SU25-竜 Pentaceratops super card.gif Super Diceratops
SU26-竜 Camarasaurus Super Card 2.jpg Super Camarasaurus
SU27-竜 Alioramus super card.gif Super Alioramus
SU28-竜 Triceratops - Chomp Super Card 2.jpg Super Chomp
SU29-竜 Carnotaurus super card.gif Super Ace
SU30-竜 Parasaurolophus - Paris Super Card 2.jpg Super Paris
SU31-竜 Tyrannosaurus - Terry Super Card.jpg Super Terry
SU32-竜 Spinosaurus - Spiny Super Card.jpg Super Spiny
SU33-竜 Saichania super card.gif Super Tank
SU34-竜 Super Tyrannosaurus.png Super Tyrannosaurus Kakushin 4th Edition
SU35-竜 Triceratops super card.jpg Super Triceratops
SU36-竜 Spinosaurus Super card.jpg Super Spinosaurus
SU37-竜 Daspletosaurus super card.gif Super Daspletosaurus
SU38-竜 Ceratosaurus super card.gif Super Ceratosaurus
SU39-竜 SuperCorytho.jpg Super Corythosaurus
SU40-竜 SuperSauropel.jpg Super Sauropelta
SU41-竜 Brachyceratops super card.gif Super Brachyceratops
SU42-竜 Tyrannosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Tyrannosaurus Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω
SU43-竜 Majungasaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Majungasaurus
SU44-竜 Shantungosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Shantungosaurus
SU45-竜 Nodosaurus Super Card 2.jpg Super Nodosaurus
SU46-竜 Eucentrosaurus super card.gif Super Eucentrosaurus
SU47-竜 Opisthocoelicaudia Super Card 2.jpg Super Opisthocoelicaudia
SU48-竜 Triceratops Super Card 2.gif Super Triceratops
SU49-竜 Titanosaurus super card.jpg Super Titanosaurus
SU50-竜 Torvosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Torvosaurus
SU51-竜 Sinraptor Super Card 2.gif Super Sinraptor
SU52-竜 Tsintaosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Tsintaosaurus
SU53-竜 Talarurus super card.gif Super Talarurus
SU54-竜 Carnotaurus Super Card 1.jpg Super Carnotaurus
SU55-竜 Altirhinus Super Card 2.gif Super Altirhinus
SU56-竜 Edmontonia Super Card 2.jpg Super Edmontonia
SU57-竜 Diceratops super card.gif Super Diceratops
SU58-竜 Super Camarasaurus card.gif Super Camarasaurus
SU59-竜 Alioramus Super Card 2.gif Super Alioramus
SU60-竜 Spinosaurus Super Card 2.jpg Super Spinosaurus
SU61-竜 Daspletosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Daspletosaurus
SU62-竜 SuperCeratoKaku5th.jpg Super Ceratosaurus
SU63-竜 Corythosaurus super card.gif Super Corythosaurus
SU64-竜 Sauropelta super card.jpg Super Sauropelta
SU65-竜 Brachyceratops Super Card 2.gif Super Brachyceratops
SU66-竜 Saichania Super Card.jpg Super Saichania
SU67-竜 Anchiceratops super card.gif Super Anchiceratops
SU68-竜 Baryonyx super card.gif Super Baryonyx
SU69-竜 Rajasaurus Super.gif Super Rajasaurus
SU70-竜 Monolophosaurus super card.gif Super Monolophosaurus
SU71-竜 Muttaburrasaurus super card.gif Super Muttaburrasaurus
SU72-竜 Parasaurolophus super card.gif Super Parasaurolophus
SU73-竜 Tarchia Super Card.jpg Super Tarchia
SU74-竜 Super Torosaurus card.gif Super Torosaurus
SU75-竜 Dicraeosaurus super card.gif Super Dicraeosaurus
SU76-竜 Tarbosaurus super card.gif Super Tarbosaurus
SU77-竜 Liliensternus super card.gif Super Liliensternus
SU78-竜 Eocarcharia Super Card 2.gif Super Eocarcharia
SU79-竜 Eocarcharia super card.gif Super Eocarcharia Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum
SP23-竜 Therizinosaurus Super Card 2.gif Super Therizinosaurus Kakushin 4th Edition
SP24-竜 Therizinosaurus Super card.jpg Super Therizinosaurus Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω
p · e · t Super Dinosaurs
Fire: Tyrannosaurus/Super (1st) · Torvosaurus/Super (2nd) · Alioramus/Super (3rd) · Terry/Super (3rd) · Daspletosaurus/Super (4th) · Rajasaurus/Super (5th) · Tarbosaurus/Super (5th) · Eocarcharia/Super (5th)
Water: Opisthocoelicaudia/Super (1st) · Titanosaurus/Super (2nd) · Camarasaurus/Super (3rd) · Spiny/Super (3rd) · Spinosaurus/Super (4th) · Baryonyx/Super (5th) · Dicraeosaurus/Super (5th)
Lightning: Eucentrosaurus/Super (1st) · Triceratops/Super (2nd) · Diceratops/Super (3rd) · Chomp/Super (3rd) · Brachyceratops/Super (4th) · Anchiceratops/Super (5th) · Torosaurus/Super (5th)
Earth:  Nodosaurus/Super (1st) · Talarurus/Super (2nd) · Edmontonia/Super (3rd) · Tank/Super (3rd) ·  Sauropelta/Super (4th) · Saichania/Super (5th) · Tarchia/Super (5th)
Grass: Shantungosaurus/Super (1st) · Tsintaosaurus/Super (2nd) · Altirhinus/Super (3rd) · Paris/Super (3rd) · Corythosaurus/Super (4th) · Muttaburrasaurus/Super (5th) · Parasaurolophus/Super (5th)
Wind: Majungasaurus/Super (1st) · Sinraptor/Super (2nd) · Carnotaurus/Super (3rd) · Ace/Super (3rd) · Ceratosaurus/Super (4th) Monolophosaurus/Super (5th) · Liliensternus/Super (5th)
Secret: Therizinosaurus/Super (4th)
Japanese McDonald Happy Set Meal: Triceratops/Super · Carnotaurus/Super · Parasaurolophus/Super · Tyrannosaurus/Super · Spinosaurus/Super · Saichania/Super

Other non-sale cards

Dr. Dinosaur's Dinosaur Card

Front & back of Dr. Dino's Dinosaur Card

Introduction in Kyoryu-King's website, 19 Feb 2010

An exclusive promo card of the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum. It was a gift card from the museum's special exhibition on 25 September 2009. The card distribution was ended on 12 October 2009.

The card included six dinosaurs and their battle Types are all Revival Type.

Dinosaurs in Dr. Dinosaur's Dinosaur Card
Dinosaur Attribute Strength
Tarbosaurus Fire 1200
Tuojiangosaurus Earth 1800
Prosaurolophus Grass 1200
Chasmosaurus Lightning 1400
Fukuisaurus Grass 1600
Fukuiraptor Wind 1200

Hot Tyrants Family Card

Hot Tyrants Family card

(熱き暴君の系譜) This non-sale card included the tyrannosaurids in Dinosaur King except for Siamotyrannus (though it was originally considered a tyrannosauroid).

As dinosaurs of this card are tyrannosaurids, this card's attribute is Fire.

Dinosaurs in Hot Tyrants Family
Dinosaurs Strength Types
Tyrannosaurus 2000 Attack
Daspletosaurus 1800 Blitz
Tarbosaurus 1200 Defense
Albertosaurus 1200 Heroic
Gorgosaurus 1000 Tie
Alioramus 1000 Counter

Dr. Taylor's Stegosaurs Card

Dr. Taylor's Stegosaurs card

Back of Dr. Taylor's Stegosaurs card

A non-sale card was released during the launch of Japanese Gekizan Editions. The card included six stegosaurids in Dinosaur King except for Gigantspinosaurus.

As dinosaurs of this cards are stegosaurids, this card's attribute is Earth.

Dinosaurs in Dr. Taylor's Stegosaurs Card
Dinosaurs Strength Technique
Stegosaurus 1800 400
Tuojiangosaurus 1600 500
Kentrosaurus 1400 700
Wuerhosaurus 1000 1000
Dacentrurus 1200 1000
Lexovisaurus 1200 800

Thunder Horn Warriors Card

Thunder Horn Warriors card

(雷角の戦士達) It was a prize of the Japanese official national convention, "D-Kids Grand Prix 2" which was held on 8 August to 27 September 2009. The convention was held for secondary students and located at 300 designated stores.

The attribute of all dinosaurs in this card is Lightning, so this card's attribute is Lightning.

Dinosaurs in Thunder Horn Warriors
Dinosaurs Strength Types
Pentaceratops 2000 Tie
Pachyrhinosaurus 1800 Heroic
Arrhinoceratops 1600 Defense
Chasmosaurus 1400 Crisis
Monoclonius 1200 Charge
Brachyceratops 1000 Hunter

Stalwarts of Bronze

Front & back of Stalwart of Bronze card)

(銅の猛者) This non-sale card included 1st group of Bronze Rare dinosaurs. This card also featured Japanese Kanji which shows the dinosaurs' shared Strength stat, 1600. The card also featured Chinese characters of each dinosaur.

Dinosaurs in Stalwarts of Bronze
Dinosaurs Chinese Characters Attribute
Torvosaurus 蠻龍 Fire
Baryonyx 堅爪龍 Water
Ceratosaurus 角鼻龍 Wind
Torosaurus 牛角龍 Lightning
Shantungosaurus 山東龍 Grass
Edmontonia 愛德蒙頓龍 Earth

Alpha Dinosaurs Card

Alpha Dinosaurs Card 1

(アクト恐竜) Called "ACT Dinosaurs" in Japanese. These cards included the six regular Alpha Dinosaurs and were the prizes from Japanese official tournaments.

Each copy randomly contains an unrevealed one of the following: Alpha Gorgosaurus, Alpha Irritator, Alpha Einiosaurus, Alpha Wuerhosaurus, Alpha Ouranosaurus, and Alpha Dilophosaurus.

Alpha Moves Card

Alpha Moves Card

This card's Moves all feature Alpha Droids or other Alpha Gang technology. They are all Normal Moves.

Each copy randomly contains an unrevealed one of the following: Dino Stuffer, Banana Surprise, one or more Alpha Trooper variants, ACT Missile, Alpha Dice, and Softening Beam.

Reese's Assist Move Card


(リアスのお助け恐竜わざカード) This card's Moves all feature effects that summon other dinosaurs. They are all Normal Moves.

Each copy randomly contains an unrevealed one of the following: Venom Fang, Triple Headbutt, Tapejara Dive, Move Block, Leaellyn Cure, and Tag Team.

Torvosaurus arcade promo card (Japanese Pterosaur Legends DVD limited)