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Spartacus as a gladiator

Spartacus is a character in the Ancient Rome Arc (ep. 51-54), and is Sophia's brother. He is loosely based on his real-world counterpart, and is voiced by Marc Thompson in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Spartacus and his sister Sophia are from the village of Trachia in Greece in 73 BC, currently part of the Roman Empire. As learned in Ancient Roman Holiday, Spartacus was was taken prisoner by Dictator Sulla after he tried to get the slaves of Rome to stand up to Sulla. His family were long-standing keepers of the immensely powerful Yellow Cosmos Stone, in fact Spartacus being the only one pure enough to hold it without being hurt by it, but he hadn't had it when ambushed by the Roman soldiers and couldn't fight them off, leading to Sophia trying to track him down and bring it to him, joining the D-Team's adventures while doing so.

He had been kept in a slave camp before being moved to Rome to become a gladiator in the Colosseum, Sulla taunting him personally about the lions waiting for him. However, he briefly frees himself in Coliseum Clash by throwing a fork into the tail of the also-captured Terry, whose thrashing sent debris that broke the bars of Spartacus' cell. He runs into Sophia and is given the Yellow Cosmos Stone, but they are chased and surrounded by guards; Spartacus stops fighting back when Sulla holds a sword to Sophia, but the D-Team sneaks her off while Sulla focuses on his prize of Spartacus.

In There's No Place Like Rome, Spartacus is put in the gladiator arena against the re-captured Alpha Gang's Spiny, but now armed with the Yellow Cosmos Stone, he powers his sword into an energy blade and easily fights Spiny down. The tables turn when the silently watching Shear summons Yangchuanosaurus into the fight, its Fire Attribute and Spectral Armor blocking the Cosmos Stone's Lightning effects and snapping the sword before closing in. Chomp and the D-Team fight Yang back as Spartacus escapes with Sophia, fighting through the remaining guards while Sulla is distracted by the dinosaur fight unraveling his plans. They manage to free the other gladiator slaves, but Shear snatches the sword hilt with the Cosmos Stone and leaves.

Though invited to join, the D-Team have their own mission, leaving Spartacus and Sophia to lead the slave rebellion with the confidence they won't need the Cosmos Stone to succeed.


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