Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

South Euro Plain is a location in Europe in the DS game first visited in Chapter 1.


Map - South Euro Plain

South Euro Plain Map

Accessed from Euro Town in the northeast; it links to the Old S. Coal Mine in the southeast after the Forest Dweller helps the player cross Straywood Forest, and also contains the Stone Circle in the east, unlocked during the Postgame. South Euro Garden is in the northwest, the Tree-Ringed Clearing is in the southwest, and Straywood Forest is in the center south.


Chapter 1

Seeking entrance to the Old S. Coal Mine, the player must meet Don the Gardener in the northwest before retrieving the Key to the Garden in the southwest from the Tree-Ringed Clearing to enter the South Euro Garden, then defeat an Alpha Droid. Not actually knowing about the Forest Dweller, Don sends them to find Tom in the North Dig Site. Returning with the Forest Flute, they can call the Forest Dweller, a Leaellynasaura, to take them through Straywood Forest and reach the Old S. Coal Mine.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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The Stone Circle and associated Ancient Shrine are now accessible, the fences having been removed.


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Main Area[]

Purple Alpha Droids (Tail, Ram, Throw) [40 chell]
  • Alioramus R (Counterstrike) LV6; Opisthocoelicaudia S (Crisis) LV6; Brachyceratops P (Blitz) LV7
    • Starts with Critical Move {Alioramus may more likely lose to its Critical Move if silent}; beats player's last winning move {appears to often copy player's last move instead if silent}.
  • Talarurus R (Tie) LV7; Muttaburrasaurus S (Tie) LV8; Liliensternus P (Attack) LV9
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; beats player's last winning move {Talarurus sometimes seems to silently repeat its last move, and many sometimes seem to silently copy player's last move instead; Muttaburrasaurus may silently use any move on the second turn before continuing its pattern after}.
  • All beat the previous tying move.
Purple Supply Alpha Droids [600 Exp, 60 chell]
  • Fukuisaurus R (Crisis) LV6 (Tail, Ram, Throw)
    • Random every turn; can flee on any turn.
    • "Must transport supplies! Must make delivery! Initiating random mode!"—new dino
    • "Uuuhn… I must protect my supplies! Initiating random mode!"—after loss (non-Critical)
    • "Uhn… My supplies are in danger! R-random…"—after loss (Critical)
    • "Must transport supplies! Must transport experience points! Initiating random mode!"—after tie
    • "(none)"—after win if staying
    • "Initiating emergence escape! Must escape with my supplies!"—flee after win
Static (optional)
Green spike-eared Alpha Droid [360 Exp, 100 chell; rare Small Dino Drink]
  • Eustreptospondylus S (Crisis) LV9 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
  • Iguanodon S (Attack) LV10 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
    • Starts by losing to player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move and uses a non-Critical Move after losing to the player's Critical. Uses a different move after ties.
    • "You're pretty good… So you can read my moves, eh?!"—copies player's move, used by a number of static Droids.
Static (required)
Green spike-eared Alpha Droid [320 Exp, 150 chell]
  • Iguanodon S (Attack) LV8 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
  • Dacentrurus P (Blitz) LV9 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
    • Starts by losing to player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move and uses a non-Critical Move after losing to the player's Critical. Uses a different move after ties.
    • "You're pretty good… So you can read my moves, eh?!"—copies player's move.


During the postgame, the Stone Circle area can be accessed, which has no encounters; in the previously fenced-off area to the west connecting back to the rest of the map (but usually on the exact step exiting the Stone Circle via the bridge to its west) this high-level encounter is possible, possibly by glitch.

Red Supply Alpha Droids [? Exp, ? chell]


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Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Key to the Garden (required; southwest, give to Don the Gardener)
  • Giant Fossil (from Giant Statue man in Postgame for Giant Head, Giand Body, and Giant Legs; revives at D-Lab as Isisaurus)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Medium Dino Drink (rescuing NPC from optional Droid)
  • Medium Dino Drink (south-central item case)
  • Trilobite Fossil (satisfy obstinate dad in Chapter 2+)
  • Manual (central item case in Postgame)

Drilling Table[]

Item (South Euro Plain) White Ping Yellow Ping Orange Ping Red Ping
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Very Common Very Common Very Common Very Common
European Fossil Very Common (not found) (not found) Uncommon
Ancient Underwear Rare (not found) (not found) (not found)
Ancient Bowl Very Rare Common (not found) (not found)
Ancient Urn (not found) Rare Rare (not found)
Bronze Mirror Very Rare Uncommon (not found) (not found)
Uncut Ruby (not found) Rare Uncommon (not found)
Lg Amber Specimen (not found) (not found) Rare Common
Dinosaur Egg (not found) (not found) (not found) Uncommon
Conodont Fossil Uncommon (not found) (not found) (not found)
Baiera Fossil Rare (not found) (not found) (not found)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as European Fossils.

Stone Circle[]

Stone Circle DS

Stone Circle

Stone Circle DS activating

Stone Circle activating

Map - Ancient Shrine (no map)

Ancient Shrine blank map

The Stone Circle is an area of South Euro Plain fenced off until the postgame. Inside (where random Alpha Droids cannot be encountered), players will find a stone monolith surrounded by six Element-based stone buttons. Stepping on them in specific combinations of eight will unlock various rare, special, or exclusive dinosaurs, such as the anime chibi main dinosaurs, who share stats with Mystery Dinosaurs, and certain dinosaurs otherwise exclusive to only one player character choice. It is unknown if every dinosaur in the game has a corresponding code, or only select dinosaurs, as not all those with known codes are particularly special; there are 1,679,616 possible codes, though only 15 are known to be valid, with no clear indication if there are others.

These dinosaurs are retrieved from the Ancient Shrine shortly south of it, which only unlocks when a code has been entered properly. Inputting multiple codes overwrites older ones, meaning only the latest dinosaur can be retrieved at a time. Upon being retrieved from the item case inside, they automatically appear in the D-Site's Dino Room at LV1. Each code can only be redeemed once per save file, though it only counts as redeemed when the card is retrieved, meaning overwriting one code with another will still allow the first code to be entered again.

The known codes are:

  • Chomp S (Super Crisis, 4 star, Lightning) / Ace R (Super Blitz, 4 star, Wind) (if Max/Rex, exclusive per save file): Lightning-Grass-Fire-Earth-Water-Water-Lightning-Fire
  • Paris P (Super Counterstrike, 4 star, Grass): Grass-Water-Water-Earth-Wind-Grass-Lightning-Lightning
  • Terry P (Super Attack, 4 star, Fire): Fire-Lightning-Wind-Wind-Water-Fire-Fire-Earth
  • Spiny R (Super Defense, 4 star, Water): Water-Earth-Fire-Water-Fire-Grass-Wind-Earth
  • Tank P (Super Tie, 4 star, Earth): Earth-Grass-Earth-Water-Wind-Water-Grass-Fire
  • Mini-King S (Counterstrike, 1 star, Lightning): Lightning-Wind-Earth-Lightning-Grass-Wind-Fire-Water
  • Triceratops S (Tie, 3 star, Lightning) (otherwise exclusive to Max): Lightning-Fire-Lightning-Fire-Water-Lightning-Grass-Earth
  • Carnotaurus S (Attack, 3 star, Wind) (otherwise exclusive to Rex): Earth-Wind-Water-Lightning-Fire-Wind-Wind-Water
  • Altirhinus P (Crisis, 5 star, Grass) (otherwise exclusive to Max): Wind-Fire-Fire-Fire-Lightning-Earth-Water-Grass
  • Daspletosaurus S (Blitz, 5 star, Fire) (otherwise exclusive to Rex): Grass-Water-Lightning-Lightning-Earth-Earth-Water-Wind
  • Euoplocephalus R (Crisis, 6 star, Earth): Earth-Earth-Grass-Water-Wind-Earth-Wind-Fire
  • Siamotyrannus R (Crisis, 2 star, Fire): Fire-Wind-Fire-Water-Wind-Grass-Fire-Water
  • Monoclonius P (Counterstrike, 2 star, Lightning): Lightning-Earth-Water-Water-Grass-Fire-Earth-Wind
  • Jobaria S (Crisis, 4 star, Water): Water-Lightning-Lightning-Earth-Fire-Earth-Fire-Wind
  • Saurophaganax S (Super Attack, 6 star, Fire): Fire-Water-Earth-Grass-Wind-Lightning-Fire-Water


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