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Sophia/Sofia (spelling never addressed) is a girl who the D-Team befriend in the Ancient Rome Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 51-54), and the sister of Spartacus. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

She came from the town of Trachia in Greece in 73 BC, which was recently invaded by the Roman Army sent to attack any who resisted; her brother Spartacus, who had previously tried to spur rebellion, was among those rounded up and made into a slave. Their family were keepers of a powerful artifact, the Yellow Cosmos Stone, but Spartacus didn't have it with him when the Roman Army attacked, so she made it her mission to track him down and deliver it to him. The D-Team found her in Ancient Roman Holiday after their arriving Backlander flying overhead had been mistaken for a monster. After overhearing of a dinosaur in Trachia, she updates the D-Team before Gabbro arrives, trying to snatch her before being fought off.

Sophia tries to head off, but chibi Chomp chased after her, attracted by the Yellow Cosmos Stone. She leaves again in Desperately Seeking Spartacus, but is ambushed by Foolscap as the D-Team catches up to protect her again, heading to Rome together. She and Zoe hold onto the Cosmos Stone while Max and Rex carry her bag in a different direction pretending to hold it, but Sophia sneaks away when she overhears of slave prisoners in a nearby camp. She discovers from them her brother had just been moved out to become a gladiator before Foolscap's next failed go at the Cosmos Stone.

She and the D-Team are snared by villagers wanting to turn them and their monsters over to the Roman Army, but full-sized Chomp convinces them otherwise. In Coliseum Clash, they are forced to dodge guards to make it into the Colosseum, but while the D-Team deals with freeing Terry from the Romans, Sophia slips away to run into Spartacus, who had escaped, and hands over the Yellow Cosmos Stone. However, they are surrounded and Sophia threatened by Roman Dictator Sulla, forcing Spartacus to surrender, but the D-Team sneaks her away.

After a dead end blocks them in There's No Place Like Rome, Sophia is snatched by Shear in the confusion caused by Yangchuanosaurus, being taken to a barn and forced to spill the location of the Cosmos Stone as Shear dropped swords around her ever closer. Left behind, she is freed by the D-Team, making it back to the Colosseum in time to save Spartacus from Yang, Sophia fleeing with him as they free the remaining slaves, but Shear is waiting and snatches the Cosmos Stone before quickly leaving. Despite the loss, she and her brother will help lead the slave rebellion as the D-Team continues on their own mission.


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