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Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (Tokugawa Ieyasu) is a begrudging ally of the D-Team during the Ancient Japan arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 63-66), in 1572, also posessing a striking similarity to Dr. Drake, who impersonates him. He is based on his real-life counterpart, a great leader in Japanese history during the Edo Period, though he would not go by the title of "shogun" until 1603. He is voiced by Mike Pollock in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Tokugawa is the shogun of Japan in 1572, looking to solidify his power by finding the legendary Half-Moon Stone with the help of Hanzo and two other bodyguards, forcing them to follow him into dangerous territory in their search with his signature technique of whining while flopping around on the ground. In Two Shoguns are Better than One, their party is attacked by the Kunoichi, female ninjas sent by his enemy Takeda to "remove him"; he tries leaving them to Hanzo, but runs into Shear, who summons Gojirasaurus at him, the dinosaur chasing him off a cliff. Hiding, he (or, his hat) is quickly found by pet-sized Chomp, leading him to the D-Team, Zoe momentarily confusing him for her dad due to their resemblance, but he draws his sword for being called by his first name until being assured they're both handsome men. Then Gojirasaurus drops down to continue the battle, Tokugawa overhearing everyone's probably after the same gemstone he is, offering to lead the D-Team to it after they win (intending only to use their power to his own ends and keep the gemstone).

After a claimed snakebite turns out to just be a harmless lizard nibble, in The No-Fun Shogun, Tokugawa continues to be a nuisance by discarding Zoe's "frilly" washcloth, despite the "royal towel" he asked for being considered just as girly by the D-Team. On their way, he tells the kids to climb down a cliff first, but slides down past them trying to follow, getting a stinging bandage from Zoe for his troubles. He explains some vague directions about due west and something shining with seven colors and how the Half-Moon Stone came from the monster Yamata no Orochi's defeat (the D-Team secretly certain it's a Cosmos Stone), needing to have it to defeat Takeda's ninjas. Tokugawa continues leading the D-Team until it's realized they're going in circles and he's forced to admit he has no sense of direction, Rex using his also lack of a poker face to deduce the seven colors means they're looking for a waterfall, probably the one they passed a while back; Tokugawa apologizes for being so rude, appreciating their claims he'll become a great leader some day. However, Foolscap snatches Tokugawa, "almost" dropping him to get the directions out of him, but is interrupted by the return of the Kunoichi and Shear, who occupies the Space Pirate while Tokugawa is cornered by the Kunoichi until the D-Team intercede.

Heading back to the waterfall, they try climbing it to find a way into the cave behind it, but Max and the Shogun falling off because of centipedes leads to them seeing an underwater tunnel in Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!. Tokugawa leads the D-Team through the cave, taking a left fork in the tunnel, but gets frustrated when Zoe grabs onto him after hearing a noise, reminding her he's not her father despite looking like him. However, when the Alpha Gang are pursued by a bear into their midst, Terry's Volcano Burst causes a pile of debris to trap the Shogun with Zoe and the bear's cub. When they get to talking, Tokugawa assures Zoe her father is lucky to have someone willing to go to these lengths to save him, even letting her lean against him until full-sized Chomp and the others dig them out. After Gabbro goes for the White Cosmos Stone Rex found deeper in the cave, Hanzo arrives and snatches it; despite Zoe's pleas, Hanzo telling Tokugawa of the double in his place leading a battle convinces the Shogun to leave with him and the Stone.

On the way to the Battle of Mikatagahara in There's No Business Like Shogun Business, they hide from Gabbro disguised against a tree, but Tokugawa wishes to hide as a tree longer, even trying to be his own (unconvincing) tree when Hanzo refuses (in the Japanese version, he needed to use the bathroom), but agrees to continue via piggyback ride when Hanzo apologizes. Tokugawa suggests returning for the D-Team in case his lookalike is Zoe's father as she suspects, but they hide as a rock at a noise, quickly being found by pet-sized Ace. After confirming Dr. Drake's description with Hanzo, Tokugawa uses the D-Team's battle prowess to convince Hanzo to let them tag along. They're quickly assailed by the Kunoichi and Shear, Hanzo keeping Tokugawa safe until sending him with the D-Team to join their dinosaurs in holding the enemies back. Tokugawa leads them to the battle, DinoTector Paris being sent at the Kunoichi when they catch up, before the other Space Pirates' dinosaurs chase them into the battle. After their own dinosaurs catch up, Tokugawa leads Zoe towards the command tent, Paris clearing Gabbro and Foolscap from their path, but once Shear and the Kunoichi make off with the Cosmos Stone, it takes all their dinosaurs charging to break through Takeda's army and race to the Shogun's base at Hamamatsu Fortress. They find the gates left open by order of Dr. Drake, a bold strategy that Tokugawa admires when he realizes it spooked the army chasing them into stopping short and retreating. Finding Dr. Drake fled into the woods, Tokugawa helps track him only to find the Space Pirates leaving with him again, Tokugawa reassuring Zoe she'll find him again.


  • While in the dub he is commonly called simply "Shogun" by the D-Team, in the original Japanese he is routinely called "Ieyasu-san/-sama", despite the use of his first name being a sticking point of his dub self.
    • Additionally, Tokugawa would only hold the title of Shogun from 1603-1605, over three decades after the arc is set, and the term "Shogun" appears largely absent in the Japanese version.


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