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Shockwave (Shockwave ショックウェーブ; formatted Shock Wave in the English arcade) is a Water Move Card.


Arcade Stats[]

Shockwave Card 3

Shockwave arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition)

  • Names
    • Japanese Kanji & Taiwanese: 激流封印 (Torrent Seal)
    • English: Shock Wave
  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Rock
  • Usage Condition: This Move sometimes activates after you win with any move button.
  • Effect: Water swirls around your feet, then around your opponent's. In the next battle, your opponent will lose a random move button!


Anime Stats[]

Shockwave card

Shockwave anime card


  • Depending on the episode, Spiny used Shockwave a total of 3 different ways: in one, Paris was engulfed in a swirling column of water; in another, the water tendrils spun around Spiny to stop Euoplocephalus' Quake Saber; and in the last, Spiny shot the tendrils at Ace, who dodged them.
  • Despite its Move-canceling ability, it was canceled out by Spiny's Water Sword when Jobaria used it (that, or Shockwave cancels itself along with the Move being blocked).
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Cards Water Power (Geki 1st), Super Tidal Wave (06 5th), Stalemate Splash (07 4th/4th+), Ultimate Torrent (07 2nd), Aquatic Assault (07 1st/1st+), and Rising Tide (Geki 3rd), and an anime scene featuring it is seen on Spectral Shockwave (Ep. 57).
  • In the arcade game, this Move is used as a "Partner effect" when the 2nd dinosaur (if Water) is not fighting. It triggers sometimes whenever the Water Dinosaur's battling partner wins and affects their current opponent.
  • Its arcade ability to block the use of an opponent's move button is similar to the Normal Moves Move Block and Critical Block.
  • With a total of nine uses (eight times from Spiny and once from Jobaria), Shockwave is the most commonly used Water move in the anime.
  • Just like Cyclone and Electric Charge, Shockwave is an attacking Move in the anime, while in games it can only block an opponent's move button without causing damage, though the anime does on occasion showcase its Move-canceling ability.
  • Despite the English arcade and DS games spelling its name as two words "Shock Wave", the TCG Move "Spectral Shockwave" featuring a scene of it from the anime spells it as one word.



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