Dinosaur King


Shino was a supporting character in A Kyoto Caper.


Shino was training to be a Geisha, but lacked the needed elegance and grace and was rejected. While sobbing over this, the D-Team came across her shortly before Fukuisaurus snuck up and stole her hair pin while collecting shiny objects, which Shino took as a sign she would never become a Geisha. However, Max vowed to get it back so she could keep pursuing her dream.

Shino's hair pin

She followed around with the D-Team for the remainder of the episode. They eventually tracked Fukuisaurus to Golden Pavilion, where Max retrieved the hair pin, but when Fukuisaurus walked over, she gave it back to him. However, Rod and Laura arrived and summoned Terry to use Volcano Burst, and Fukuisaurus tossed the pin back to Shino before trying in vain to use Emerald Garden against the attack. Defeated, its card landed at Shino's feet, and Max and Rex guarded her while Chomp and Ace defeated Terry.

Shino now takes Fukuisaurus returning her hair pin as a sign to continue after her dream, and she successfully impresses the Geisha instructor.

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