Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Seth (ノーピス Nopis) is probably the most sinister character in the series, as well as the most manipulative. He betrays his comrades twice, first turning against the Alpha Gang, then later turning on the Spectral Space Pirates. He argues that modifying dinosaurs is for their greater good, and would send Rod and Laura on missions to capture dinosaurs without their grandfather and his boss Dr. Z's knowledge or approval. He created the Black T. rex in the Series 1 finale arc, forcing the D-Team and Alpha Gang to ally in order to defeat him.

In the second series, he joins the Spectral Space Pirates after they saved him. There, he helps Spectre with the dinosaurs, and creates Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus. However, he betrays the Space Pirates to take the Cosmos Stones for his own, but then later has a change of heart and nearly sacrifices himself to destroy the Dark Pterosaur.

He is voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English), Bruno Mullenaerts (French), Angel Moron (Spanish)[1], Carlos Torres (Latin America Spanish), and Chae-heon Lim (Korean).

Character Design[]

Although his outfit is generally the same between all versions of Dinosaur King, it varies between original series and Mesozoic Meltdown-based stories in several media. Independent of his clothes, he has spiked blue hair and pale skin with a pair of triangular reddish tattoo marks under his eyes.

His original outfit is a dark red/brown overcoat with the Alpha Gang symbol on the left side. There is a little pocket with a high collar, which he uses in the anime to store things from the Velociraptor card to a lightning rod. There are two pockets on either side of his coat, and he wears fingerless gloves the same color as the trim of the coat. He wears pants and boots. Although he never takes off his coat, it can be inferred that he wears a shirt or something else under it.

After becoming a member of the Spectral Space Pirates, he changes his attire. He now wears a white-and-black cloak over a blue jacket with white sleeves and trim. A red belt also holds his jacket closed. Underneath his jacket are white pants and navy blue boots.


His Japanese name "Nopis" or "Nopisu" is a reverse reading of the first part of "Spinosaurus" when written in Japanese katakana: ス-ピ-ノ (su-pi-no) becomes ノ-ピ-ス (no-pi-su). This is a reference to how he mainly uses Spinosaurus and other Water Dinosaurs in his original arcade and subsequent DS game appearances, much like the Alpha Gang's other members to their signature Elements. The manga seems to spell the pronunciation differently as "Nopiece", or it's simply an unaware translator.

His English name "Seth" is a Greek variant of the name of the Egyptian god of chaos, Set, alluding to his manipulative nature.


At first, Seth was calm and quiet. He rarely showed his emotions to anyone. However, as the series progressed, he began to show his true colors as he begins to alter and strengthen dinosaurs, which he believes to be helping them as a species, regardless of their individual experiences, thereby justifying their treatment. Soon, it came to the state that he rebelled against Dr. Z to avoid being betrayed himself (a predictable outcome when dealing with Dr. Z), and descended into maniacal madness at his own success. However, once he joined the Spectral Space Pirates, he regained his calm demeanor. Even as he rebelled against his new allies, however, he still held onto his calm side, though he seemed to enjoy breaking Spectre's false perception of him.

However, despite his dark side, he is very serious about keeping his word, as shown in episode 36, when he promised Max to give back Chomp's card and his friends if Max threw the Alpha alloy into the vat of molten iron as he was threatening to do (a move he didn't tell Max would actually help the Alpha Gang). Once Max did that, Seth had the Alpha Trio return what they'd captured, surprising them, as he had given his word that he would do so (they were fine so long as Seth took the blame for losing the card); also, the factory will now shortly explode.


  • "I forced Saurophaganax into premature evolution so that he could master this Move. Behold, Fire Scorcher!"
  • "Good luck, now feel Fire Scorcher!"
  • "Rise, Black T. rex!"
  • "The Stones are all mine, but don't fret, you'll get something too. But I doubt that you'll like it. Snow Crystal!"


In the Japanese version of the arcade game, Seth can rarely be fought in place of Dr. Z as the last boss in the Alpha Gang quiz mode. It can use one of the following known dinosaurs: Black Tyrannosaurus, Saurophaganax, or Alpha Acrocanthosaurus.



Seth is from the year 2126, where he was an assistant to Rex's true parents, Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia, during their mission to the Mesozoic, until he betrayed them by helping Dr. Z take control of the timeship, but it crashed in the present when Jonathan tried to stop them.

Dinosaur King[]

From then on, he worked with Dr. Z in repairing the disguised Zeta Point island until it was fully functional, mostly only appearing working in the background, and occasionally flying out to retrieve someone or something.

However, in the meantime, he was really planning to take over the island and force dinosaurs into an extreme evolution so they could withstand the meteor from the Cretaceous Period that had wiped them out just to see what such a world would be like, as he explained to Max in Metal Imbalance when the D-Team fully met him for the first time, his willingness to mess with nature immediately making him the worst Alpha Gang member in their eyes. This was also when Seth debuted his first independent project, altering a no-Element Velociraptor card into a new triangular shape to contain multiple Moves.

During most of the first season, Seth rarely uses dinosaurs, as he does little field work. He first controls Terry in episode 36 to utilize his newly altered Velociraptor Move Card trio, defeating Chomp. Given the Alpha Trio's continued uselessness, he later lends the Move Card to Rod and Laura as he begins secretly sending them on missions to catch dinosaurs instead, unbeknownst to Dr. Z. Helga discovers this in Beast or Famine, but confronting him leaves her shut down by an electrified prod and abandoned, for a time.

Upon realizing Jonathan is still around in Planes, Trains and Dinosaurs, he takes Tank to go after him. He tracks him down and steals all data from the android's memory banks. He also managed to use Tank to defeat Ampelosaurus with Dino Swing, claiming its cards for the Alpha Gang.

In Full Scheme Ahead, he both has Terry test his new Super Move Fire Scorcher and has Super Alpha Droids retrieve a perfect Tyrannosaurus skeleton for his upcoming experiment. After having Terry test his new Super Move without success, he secretly takes and alters the previously captured Saurophaganax to withstand the Move. However, Rod and Laura taking an exhausted Terry to Dr. Drake brings Jonathan's attention to Zeta Point, whose arrival forces Seth to reveal his true intentions and betray Dr. Z, using Saurophaganax to mow down the Alpha Gang and D-Team alike. After further work and successfully raising Zeta Point as the flying Backlander ship again, he battles and wins against the Alpha Gang again, defeating Tank and Ampelosaurus (the dinosaur that he previously caught for them) and ejects them from their own base. He then revives the Tyrannosaurus fossil into the massive altered Black T. rex, and unleashes his new resurrected dinosaur on Sanjo City in One Final Move!, which is seemingly unbeatable, withstanding Chomp's Lightning Spear and Terry's Volcano Burst. However, after Seth retrieves the D-Team's Stone Tablets, he is forced to call Black T. rex back, because its energy had been exhausted quicker than expected. This makes the D-Team ally with the Alpha Gang in order to sneak onboard and retrieve the Stones. Seth tries to get them back with Saurophaganax, and despite defeating Terry (the one who first defeated Saurophaganax) with Fire Scorcher, he is defeated by a Fusion Move attack from Chomp and Ace, losing its card to the D-Team. In the season finale, Dinosaur War!, as the others battle Black T. rex atop the Backlander, he uses copied Stones to try and time travel, but the faulty copies instead begin merging the dinosaur era into the present. He tries fixing the problem, but pet-sized Chomp bites his hand, and the Black T. rex is caught fighting a dinosaur army, eventually succumbing to a Super Fusion Move onslaught and breaking apart into energy; the time warping fails and reverses with his defeat. Then a time portal opens up in front of the fake Stones, dragging Seth in; he tries holding on to Chomp, who Max and the others are clinging to, but Chomp opens his mouth to let go and Seth is sucked away into the time stream…

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

…where he was picked up by the stranded Spectral Space Pirates' ship. With knowledge of the time vortex and powerful dinosaurs, he became a Space Pirate, likely outfitting their ship to control its time travel. Seth is in charge of preparing the Pirates' dinosaurs for them ahead of each mission, also likely designing the dinosaurs' Spectral Armor and telling them of Dr. Ancient, who could help with a Cosmos Stone detector, leading to the D-Team's parents being kidnapped.

He again works in the background of the season, his presence only being revealed halfway through. Among his minor contributions, he "encourages" Dr. Ancient to stay at work and directs Shear to take control of the wild Isisaurus Genie instead of providing her another dinosaur. Late season, he builds a new form of Spectral Armor for their altered dinosaurs to use. He also seems to be an object of Spectre's half-hidden affection, but doesn't care, as, again, his allegiance is all an act. His goal is to seize the Cosmos Stones for himself so their power can destroy the current existence and then create a new one, which he will control.

In Bad Deal, he pretends to escape from the Space Pirates after the D-Team is chased to the Jurassic Period, bringing a chibi goo dinosaur to distract Dr. Z's anger at him, but it grows into a Gel Jark and helps him steal the Red and Green Cosmos Stones the D-Team had managed to retrieve. During this season, he owns a Cryolophosaurus, a Secret Dinosaur with ice-based attacks, the only main fighter of the season without armor. However, he doesn't use him until episode 77: just as the D-Team and Space Pirates are fake trading a fake Black Cosmos Stone for fake D-Team parents, Seth takes all six of the Pirates' Cosmos Stones and commandeers the Backlander with Gel Jarks, his new Cryolophosaurus easily dispatching the Space Pirates' altered dinosaurs sent after him despite not using any armor itself (and rejecting Spectre's offer to forgive all of this and come back) and freezes them with Blizzard Smash. The Pirates attack the retreating Backlander in the time vortex in Clash for the Cosmos Stones, making Seth drop the Cosmos Stones while Chomp manages to beat Cryolophosaurus with Final Thunder, but Seth reclaims its card, along with the Black Cosmos Stone, and ejects in an escape pod to arrive in the present. He holds the D-Lab hostage to draw the D-Team in, one final Gel Jark left behind felling the ship from the inside once it arrives and bringing the rest of the Cosmos Stones to him. He then knocks the D-Team's and Alpha Gang's dinosaurs away with Snow Crystal, recalling Cryolophosaurus as he races into the D-Lab. Unfortunately, the Space Pirates wreck the D-Lab and take the Cosmos Stones, merging them into the Dark Pterosaur. In the series finale, Fate of the Cosmos, after the Gel Jark pulls him from the rubble, and realizing no one should control that power, not even him, he provides new copied Stones to the D-Team and Alpha Gang so they can fight with dinosaurs while using the original Stone Tablets to power the Backlander and counteract the Cosmos Stones' energy. After the D-Team boards the Space Pirates' ship to find their captured parents, Seth flies off in the Backlander, using the power of the Stone Tablets to ram the Dark Pterosaur's inner form while the ship is shielded and strengthened by the good Pterosaur, destroying both the Stone Tablets and Cosmos Stones and saving the universe. However, in addition to ruining the Backlander's engines, he is left in a comatose state, and is taken back to the future in stasis by Dr. Ancient and the Alpha Gang aboard the recovered Space Pirates' ship. In the dub, when Max asks about Seth's condition, Rod tells him that although the healing is rather slow, Seth is recovering.

DS Game[]

As in the arcade, Seth is the primary user of Water Dinosaurs, and is a scheming geneticist who talks ambiguously and ominously.

In the DS Game, he is dispatched to North America alongside Ursula for Chapter 3, stationed in the Alpha Gang's Warehouse in eastern South Dust Hills; after defeating Ursula, she directs the player there to be defeated by Seth as punishment. He is the sixth and final Alpha Gang boss to be fought in the main story, and one of two who weren't inerferring with the player or local town beforehand. He dismisses the player’s worthiness and faces them with only a single Spinosaurus instead of a full party of three (the only boss to do so). But once he loses, he uses another Spinosaurus, which was altered to never lose at Rock, Paper, or Scissors, but beating the player unfairly leads to the Stone in the player’s DinoShot glowing and awakening their starter dinosaur's upgraded form (Awakened Triceratops for Max, and Awakened Carnotaurus for Rex). He accepts their proven strength and gives over the sixth Stone Fragment without another battle.

In the Chapter 4 boss rush of Antarctica’s Alpha Gang Headquarters, Seth can only be fought after defeating the other five Alpha Gang members, now with a full team of Water Dinosaurs (Spinosaurus, Shunosaurus, and Super Alpha Suchomimus), and is the last step before facing the final boss, Dr. Z.

In the postgame, he can be fought in the Warehouse again in any boss order, now with both Water Alpha Dinosaurs and a Grass Lambeosaurus with a Fusion Move, giving back the same Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Toothbrush, one of her stolen treasures, which Seth awkwardly refuses to explain why the Alpha Gang wanted to steal in the first place. A nearby item case is also revealed, granting an Alpha Irritator Mystery Fossil.

(The Alpha Gang's second round of rematches are poorly documented.)

Battle quotes[]

  • Before battle (Alpha Gang Warehouse and Alpha Gang Headquarters): "Hmph. Getting a little better, are we?"
  • Before battle (Alpha Gang Warehouse rematch): "Hmph. Still wet behind the ears."
  • Before battle (Alpha Gang Warehouse postgame): "Hmph. There's no way you're getting Zoe's treasure from me!"
  • Before battle (Alpha Gang Warehouse postgame rematch): "Hmph. Let me put you out of your misery."
  • Beginning of battle, using critical move: "You leave me no choice. I'll take you on!"
  • Using a move he didn't use last turn:
    • "Hm?! I'll get you with a different move this time!"
  • Using a move with no MP used: "Hmm? My MP... Let's see how you like this..."
  • Countering the last used move by the player:
  • Using a move which the player has low MP on: "Your MP is low... Ah, I see!"
  • Using a move that is countered by the move he last used: "Hmph... Pathetic!"
  • Using the move the player last used: "Ugh... Not bad. But you're going to pay for it!"
  • Using critical move:
    • "Hmph... I already know how this battle is going to end..."
    • "How do you like this move?!"
  • Using the move countered by a player's move that has low MP: "Hmph... That won't cut it!"
  • Using the move countered by the player's move that is out of MP: "Hmm? This is a tough one..."


Seth manga

Seth reveals himself to Max and Rex

Seth appears in the manga, where he is given a larger backstory. In the manga, Seth is called Nopiece, close to Nopis, his Japanese name. He was a hero of the tablet, and in order to obtain it, he joined the Alpha Gang to use their resources. When Max came along with the tablet, Nopiece stole it from him, but Rex revealed another one he found once he defeated them.

When Max is trying to retrieve the tablet which Nopiece took from Rex, he instead gives one of the two to him and says he will battle him, and if he wins he can become the hero of the tablet again. Max surprisingly wins, but he doesn't have the time to claim the other tablet before Alpha Mountain starts to disintegrate.

In the DS game, omakes, and promotional pictures, Seth is usually seen with an Irritator. His DS appearance usually controls Water Dinosaurs like Spinosaurus.


TCG Stats[]


Seth TCG card (DKAA)

(DKAA) Put 1 of your opponent's Dinosaurs in play into their discard pile. Your opponent can pay Life Points equal to that Dinosaur's life to negate this ability.
(DKBD) The next time you Dino Slash a [Black Dinosaur] this turn, you don't have to send any Dinosaurs to your discard pile. Search your deck for a regular Move card and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)
(SAS) Choose a Black Dinosaur or Spectral Armor Dinosaur card in your deck or your discard pile and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
(JCL) {translation uncertain and imcomplete} {Can only be used when a Dinosaur with "Spectral Armor" in its name is on the field. (A non-translating section with 10 of something (possibly cards or Life Points, possibly sacrificing them), presumably a "Spectral Armor" Dinosaur (possibly bringing it to the player's hand), and 3 of something (likely cards).) …and place them on the bottom of your deck.}


  • He is the only character to serve as a villain for both seasons. Ironically, he is the one who saves the world by destroying the Dark Pterosaur, despite serving as an antagonist for almost the entire season up to then.
  • Seth is probably one of the best dinosaur fighters, as his Cryolophosaurus managed to dodge Max's best Move Card, Ultimate Thunder, which normally locks its target in place; in the first season, he managed to one-shot the Alpha Gang and D-Team's dinosaurs with Saurophaganax and his new Move; and he defeated Gabbro, Foolscap, and Shear's dinosaurs with an unarmored Cryolophosaurus quite quickly. Another attribute of his skill is that he was able to genetically engineer the Black T. rex from a fossil to be so powerful that it shrugged off any single-Move hit, required 14 of the dinosaurs from Season 1 to perform a powerful Super Fusion Move three times to defeat it.
  • He seemed to have something with Fire Dinosaurs, as he was very pleased when Rod and Laura caught Saurophaganax for him and he was also very interested in Mapusaurus (but did not get him, since the D-Team managed to rescue him on time).
  • Aside from being a genius, expert engineer, and a brilliant dinosaur fighter, Seth is also physically strong. This was shown in episode 42, in his fight with Jonathan, an android with superhuman strength, on the roof of a train (the former was armed with an electric rod, while the latter had a hammer). Seth managed to single-handedly fight and overpower Jonathan, knocking him off the train, though it was no easy feat.
  • Due to his former intentions of saving the dinosaurs from extinction, Seth can be considered as a tragic hero of sorts, though grossly misguided.
  • Seth was the only human among the Spectral Space Pirates.
  • The colors of his outfit relate directly to the dinosaurs he is controlling. When he wore a red outfit in Season 1, he controlled Saurophaganax and Black T. rex, both Fire Dinosaurs that are at least partially red-orange. And when he wore a blue outfit in Season 2, he controlled Cryolophosaurus, a Secret Dinosaur with ice abilities that was blue.
    • This also fits with the Red Oni/Blue Oni trope, where red/fire characters are aggressive and wild (hot-tempered), like his maniacal season 1 finale betrayal, while blue/ice characters are calm and purposeful (cold-tempered), like his calculating season 2 finale betrayal. The trope usually applies to a pair of characters, however.
  • In the dub, the scene in the series' finale where he is seen unconscious is censored with a black drape covering him; he is shirtless (and suggested to be naked) in the original.
  • His style makes him vaguely resemble such characters as Sasuke from Naruto, Wes from Pokémon Colosseum, or Haseo from .hack.




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