Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Due to fragmentary remains and a very unusual body style, the exact size of Segnosaurus is uncertain.

General Statistics[]


full-sized Segnosaurus

  • Name: Segnosaurus galbinensis
  • Name Meaning: Slow Lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 4.5-9 meters (15-30 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous (90 MYA)
  • Classification: Therizinosauria --> Therizinosauridae
  • Place Found: Mongolia
  • Describer: Perle, 1979

Dinosaur King Statistics[]

Arcade Stats[]

Norm move Stun Dash

Stun Dash arcade card

DS Stats[]

Segnosaurus size DS

Segnosaurus size comparison vs. Max

  • Elemental Attribute: None (Normal)
  • Appears In:
    • Claws of Revelation (Rock): Segnosaurus knocks the foe over with its claws! Their Hidden Move icon is revealed.
    • Claws of Obscuration (Scissors): Segnosaurus swats the foe away with its claws! The Sign of your Move is hidden from the foe's AI.
    • Claws of Interference (Paper): Segnosaurus throws the foe with its claws! The foe can't switch for the rest of the battle.
    • Segnosaurus Punch (Rock), Segnosaurus Chop (Scissors), Segnosaurus Slap (Paper): Segnosaurus knocks the foe over with its claws! Hits for more damage about 1/3 of the time.
  • Encyclopedia number: H04

TCG Stats[]

In Move Cards[]


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade comments:
    • English: Has a thick waist and body, with sharp claws on its front legs. Little was known about this species for a long time.
    • Taiwanese: 腰部和身體很粗,前腳有著銳利的尖爪。很長時間以來都被當成謎的恐龍。
  • DS Game Encyclopedia entry: A thick-bodied dinosaur with sharp claws. Little was known about it for a long time.
  • Segnosaurus shared the same roar as Secret-attribute Pawpawsaurus.
  • Unlike some Move Card Dinosaurs, Segnosaurus isn't given a true Dinosaur Card in the TCG, leaving the native Element of therizinosaurs unaddressed, even in a medium which didn't need their unique body shape to conform with preexisting standard animation cycles. However, on a now defuct Dino Holder website, Therizinosaurus was depicted as a Fire Dinosaur, so it can be assumed that this is the original Element of the therizinosaurs.



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