Samantha Moore is a minor character featured in Tee'd Off.


Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore

She is a professional golfer of whom Dr. Taylor is a fan who has been having a dry spell in a tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Dewey is another fan of hers, and after swiping Ursula's Alpha Scanner, he decides to help Samantha's position by briefly summoning Altirhinus to scare the other players during their swings. In order to get it back, the Alpha Gang captures Samantha and threatens to have Ed kiss her if Dewey doesn't return the scanner; Ed gets a foot to his face instead. Dewey and Samantha escape after he gets Altirhinus angry at the Alpha Gang, watching the ensuing dinosaur fight from the sidelines. As the Alpha Gang tries to retrieve Altirhinus, Samantha hits golf balls to drive them away.

Now having fun again and regaining her swing, and having made Dewey her caddie, Samantha goes on to win the tournament.

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