The Royal Mother is a side antagonist during the Renaissance France Arc in Mesozoic Meltdown. She is based on Marie de' Medici.


Royal Mother

Royal Mother

The Royal Mother is the acting Queen of France, ruling in the stead of her son, King Louis, who is too young and disinterested in ruling. Her every action is focused on making him become a great ruler one day, and in giving him the biggest territory over which to rule.

Her plan is to acquire the Blue Eye of Gaia (a Cosmos Stone) to give her son the power to conquer all of Europe, and maybe even the world. To do this, she makes a deal with the Space Pirates in The French Conniption to find the Stone and sends Richelieu to aid them in the search, which takes them through multiple dead ends before finally locating it in Vasasi Castle.

However, Louis doesn't want all that power, and in The Haunted Hunt, he seizes his birthright position and orders her and Richelieu back, giving the Cosmos Stone to the D-Team.


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