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Minister Rasheed

Minister Rasheed (possibly spelled "Rashid", but also pronounced Rasheed in Japanese) is the Sultan's prime minister in the Ancient Persia Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 67-70), but was allied with the 40 Thieves. His name appears to be based on the epithet "al-Rashid", meaning "the Orthodox" or "the Just", as used by Harun al-Rashid, a caliph from around 30 years after the arc's setting and featured fictionally in several One Thousand and One Nights stories, though his role and personality are very different. He is voiced by Eric Stuart in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

He was in cahoots with Zayid and his 40 (currently 39) Thieves in a plot to overthrow the Sultan and take over his city in 757 AD. He ordered the Thieves to abduct Princess Zahrah and get her out of the way, but upon hearing in Desert Heat that she had escaped, he announces to the Sultan he will become sultan himself after he forces Zahrah to marry him when she arrives tomorrow, then sending the captured Alpha Gang to storm the palace with their dinosaurs.

In Princess of the City, he frets about Zahrah's continued evasion of Zayid's men, knowing the people won't accept him until he becomes an official member of the royal family by marrying the Princess, but is assured by Zayid he has not long to wait. He berates Zayid's immediate failure at this promise in Malice in the Palace (and for not having all 40 of his Thieves), but when Genie tries storming the palace, he agrees to give the Alpha Trio the red gemstone on a tapestry in the throne room they ask for (believing it the Cosmos Stone) if they defeat Genie. However, he and Zayid quickly flee after Shear's interference in the battle sends the newly controlled Genie after everyone. They are discovered by Max and Rex trying to save Zahrah from Shear and cornered by Chomp and Ace before the Sultan and his guards arrive to arrest them. He is last seen tied up with Zayid, several of the Thieves, and Jon-Jon.


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