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Quick Strike (Critical Notice 必殺よこく "Hissatsu Yokoku" in the Japanese arcade) is a Normal Move Card which was only available in the arcade. It is the second Assist Move of Tapejara.


Quick Strike

Quick Strike arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition+)

  • Names:
    • Japanese: 必殺よこく (Critical Notice)
    • Taiwanese: 必殺預告 (Critical Notice)
  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you press any move button at 10 seconds remaining (immediately), after the "!" icon has appeared.
  • Effect: Hit your Move button when your timer is on '10', and 3 Tapejara will surround and confuse your opponent, telling them you are using your critical move! If you win, they hit your opponent for extra damage!


Quick Strike is one of the first round of 15 Normal Moves released in the arcade.


  • Quick Strike artwork alternately shows either one or three Tapejara confusing your opponent, though the effect always summons three.
  • Quick Strike's Japanese name uses the word "Hissatsu" (必殺 / ひっさつ, depending on the style), which is also used in Move descriptions to refer to Critical Moves and in Critical Block (though the word often instead implies "finisher" or "deathblow" rather than its English equivalent). Oddly, the English name does not reflect this in Quick Strike despite doing so in Critical Block.
  • This Move is extra useful if your dinosaur is Blitz Type, as they will trigger its effect while also dealing more damage.



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