Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This page is for the mystical entities from Season 2. For the real-world classification, see Pterosauria.




The Pterosaur is a mysterious female phoenix-like entity that guided the D-Team and the Alpha Gang through time in Mesozoic Meltdown. She is rather large, her body (not including the wings and tail) able to become slightly larger than the Backlander, though is normally seen a bit smaller than that. She seems to somewhat resemble a large, glowing version of the anime's Microraptor. She is voiced by Kether Donohue in the English dub.

She was first encountered in the cliffhanger of the season's first episode. Throughout the series, the Pterosaur is mostly seen during transitions between the arcs, guiding the D-Team into the different time periods while the Backlander's time circuits are down, following the Spectral Space Pirates so they can try to claim the 7 Cosmos Stones first. She also warns them about the danger of fusing the Cosmos Stones together. After attempting to stop the D-Team from bringing all Cosmos Stones to the same time period while they tried saving the D-Lab from Seth, she last appeared protecting the Backlander from the Space Pirates' dinosaurs' attacks and then cloaking it in light to ram and defeat the Dark Pterosaur.

Although it isn't stated, the Pterosaur may come from the fusing of the 7 Element Stones, as these stones and the Pterosaur herself are "positive" opposites of the "negative" Cosmos Stones and Dark Pterosaur, and both feature the same rainbow glow.

Dark Pterosaur[]

Dark Pterosaur

Dark Pterosaur

The Dark Pterosaur is the nemesis of the Pterosaur. The two are physically identical except for the opposite light/dark colors and the fact that the Dark Pterosaur can expand its outer shell to be as large as an entire city, while still having its "main" self as a separate entity inside.

It was created when all 7 Cosmos Stones were fused together by Spectre at the end of the season's penultimate episode, and has the ability to rip time and space apart. It charged up the Space Pirates' main dinosaurs and gave the Pirates themselves incorporeal forms of allegedly ultimate power. The Dark Pterosaur was destroyed by Seth, who, with the help of the 7 Element Stones and the Pterosaur, rammed into it with the Backlander and destroyed it, the Element Stones' and Cosmos Stones' opposite positive/negative "charges" canceling each other out.


  • The Pterosaur is the namesake for the name of the Japanese version's second season, "Pterosaur Legends".
  • It's unclear why these entities are called "Pterosaur" in both the Japanese and English versions, as they are clearly more birdlike than pterosaur-like, something dinosaur enthusiasts like the D-Team (who gave them the name) should know.



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