Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

(Episode begins with a meteor crashing down on the dinosaurs and the earth, when suddenly, a boy named Max Taylor falls out of his bed and onto his head and grunts.)

Max: (Gets up) How'd that happen? Guess I fell asleep. (Lays on his bed and continues reading his book, which has a picture of meteor on the page he's reading.) And then a giant meteor crashed into earth, causing all dinosaurs to become extinct.

(Suddenly, Max hears a sound and looks outside his window and sees something flying out of control through the sky.)

Max: What's that? Maybe it's a meteor! (Falls) (Gets up and runs out of his room and onto a deck outside.) Whoa! (Watches the object fly into a forest in the distance.)

(Cut to Max running to his best friend Rex Owen's room)

Max: Hey Rex, wake up! You aren't gonna believe it! (Enters Rex's room)

Rex: (Wakes up) Huh? What's going on?

Max: You gotta get up! I think I just saw a meteor!

Rex: A wha?

Max: I have to go call Zoe, she'll flip out! Come on, get dressed!

Rex: This better be good.

(Intro rolls and Max announces the episode title, "Prehistory In The Making".)

(After the intro, Max, Rex, and their friend Zoe Drake, are walking through a forest.)

Zoe: (Yawns) You know I'm not a morning person.

Max: (Holds up a badge) Come on, remember what this stands for? D-Team, that's what. You guys took an oath. And the D-Team's all about adventure, right?

Rex: Yeah, unless that adventure starts before breakfast.

Max: You'll change your mind when we find that meteor.

Rex: Well, I hope we find it soon cause I'm hungry.

Zoe: I'm sorta hungry too, Max. And it feels like we've been walking a long time and really haven't seen any- (Gasp) (Notices a bunch of knocked down trees.) Look at that!

Rex: That's weird. What do you think happened to all those trees?

Max: (Notices a tree with a big hole in it) Look at that one! I told you! (Runs over and points to the hole) This must be where the asteroid hit! (Turns on the flashlights on his hat that resembles a Triceratops head and looks inside the hole.)

Zoe: Be careful, Max! It might be dangerous!

Max: And exploring dangerous stuff like this is exactly what D-Team is all about, right? D for danger!

Rex: Yeah, well dumb also starts with a D.

Max: (Looks inside the hole) Whoa! (Picks up a stone tablet with a lightning bolt symbol on it.) What's this thing? Looks like it has a lightning bolt on it.

Rex: (Picks up a stone tablet with a gust of wind symbol on it.) I found something too, but it looks more like wind.

Zoe: (Picks up a stone tablet with a blade of grass symbol on it.) Here's another one. Maybe with a symbol for grass?

Max: (Looks at the knob on the bottom of the stone he found.) Hey, I wonder what this thing is for. (Touches the knob and starts glowing yellow) Huh? (Hits his head on the tree and grunts.)

Rex: (Touches the knob on his stone as well.) Huh? (Starts glowing light blue.)

(Zoe touches the knob on her stone and gasps before glowing green.)

Zoe: What's going on?

(They stop glowing.)

Max: I don't know. (Finds something) Hey!

(The camera cuts to reveal a Triceratops card inside a capsule, along with the Electric Charge move card)

Max: Check this out! (Picks up the cards)

(Rex and Zoe walk over)

Zoe: What?

Max: Isn't this a Triceratops? (Looks at the back of the Triceratops card) And the card has the same symbol that's on this rock thing.

Rex: Wha?

Max: Maybe that means you're supposed to put the two of them together?

(Max rubs the Triceratops card against the stone, bringing out a full-sized Triceratops that roars and lands in front of the D-Team)

(All three of them gasp before screaming and hiding behind trees)

Max: It came to life!

Rex: And it doesn't look happy!

Zoe: You did this Max now put it back!

Max: But I don't know how!

Rex: Maybe you can reverse what you did before!

Max: That's a great idea!

Zoe: No!

Rex: Max, run for it!

(Rex and Zoe run off)

(Max looks at the Triceratops and screams before crouching down)

(Max reverses what he previously did when he crouches, returning the Triceratops to its card)

(The card lands on Max)

Rex: Where'd it go?

Max: I'm not positive, but I think it went back into the card!

Zoe: No way! How?

Rex: May it was just some sort of hologram?

Max: There's no way! It wasn't a hologram that knocked over all of those trees! That dinosaur was real!

Zoe: But how could it be? (Rex and Zoe look at their stones) Because of this?

Rex: (Sees Max rubbing his stone against the card) No, Max, wait! That could bring it out again!

Max: That's alright, then I'll just put it back in! Ha!

(Max swipes his stone against the card again, this time bringing the Triceratops into its chibi form)

Max: Oh!

(The chibi Triceratops looks around, confused)

Rex: Huh?

Zoe: Oh how cute is that!

Max: (walks over to the chibi Triceratops) Hey there, little guy.

(It bites his nose)

Max: (Pushes it back) Ow, What'd you bite me for?!

(The chibi Triceratops jumps on Max and licks him)

Max: Knock it off!

Zoe: (Laughs) It either likes you or wants to eat you!

Rex: Nah, it's a herbivore.

Max: Yeah, well my name's not Herb, it's Max! (The chibi Triceratops continues licking him) Hey take it easy! (It bites his nose again) Ow! Hey don't bite me!

Rex: Well, it looks like you yourself a baby Triceratops, Max.

(It bites Max's arm)

Max: You mean it's got me!

(Zoe laughs)

(Meanwhile, a bunch of Tyrannosaurus are running around a coliseum in front of a cheering audience, while the leader of a secret organization called the Alpha Gang, Dr. Z, laughs while sitting on a throne, while his three henchmen Ursula, Zander, and Ed, his grandchildren Rod and Laura, and his comrade Seth sit nearby.)

(The camera cuts to reveal that this is actually a computer simulation Ed is making for Dr. Z)

Dr. Z: When this dinosaur stadium is completed, my ultimate goal will finally be realized! Yes! And the name Dr. Z will go down in history! You'll take care of that, right Ed?

Ed: Remind me again how that's spelled.

Dr. Z: It's Dr. Z! You spell it with a Z!

Ed: Right, is that a capital Z?

Dr. Z: Of course! Anyway, why are there only Tyrannosaurus out there?! I want a lot more than that!

Ed: That was all I had time to put in the computer.

Dr. Z: Well I suggest you make some more time! I don't want to become King of the Tyrannosaurus!

Ed: I know what you want. You become king of all the dinosaurs, right?

Dr. Z: Yes that is right, but, I don't just want to be the king, I will be the king! I will be king of all dinosaurs!

Ed: Well I heard you'd have to be a dinosaur in order to be king of the dinosaurs. You know?

Dr. Z: Who said?!

Ed: Um, Ursula?

(Suddenly, the Alpha Gang's Tyrannosaurus, Terry, busts down the stadium Dr. Z and Ed are in and chases them off)

(Meanwhile on the beach of Zeta Point, Ursula is being fanned by Zander while under an umbrella with a drink)

Dr. Z (Offscreen): Somebody help me!

Ursula and Zander: Huh?

(Cut to Dr. Z running from Terry)

Dr. Z: I've got a Tyrannosaurus on my tail! Help me!

(Terry is revealed to under the control of Dr. Z's granddaughter, Laura, with her brother, Rod standing nearby)

Laura: How long should I let it go?

Rod: Maybe you should shut it off now. I not sure he'll think it's funny.

(Dr. Z continues running from Terry)

Dr. Z: Help! Go away! You don't want to eat me! Just look at me! I'm all skin and bones!

(Laura recalls Terry, but Dr. Z is oblivious and keeps running)

Dr. Z: What about Ed!

(Ursula, Zander and Ed look horrified as Dr. Z continues running)

Dr. Z: He has plenty to spare! He could feed a family of four! Go for him! Someone help me! I don't want to be a dino dinner!

(Terry is summoned to his chibi form and jumps on Dr. Z)

Dr. Z: It's you! (Terry begins chewing on Dr. Z's beard) Get off of me! (Throws Terry off him)

(Ursula, Zander and Ed begin laughing)

Dr. Z: Are you laughing behind my back?!

(They return to casual positions)

Ursula: Nothing behind your back is funny!

(Zander chuckles)

Ed: Tell him.

Zander: You tell him!

Dr. Z: What is so funny!

Rod: It's cause everyone now knows you have a soft spot... for Helga! (Laughs)

Dr. Z: (Looks down at his Helga-print underwear as everyone continues laughing) (To Terry) You better hope Helga doesn't see this or else!

(Terry tries to bite Dr. Z)

Dr. Z: Now couch up my seat cover. (Terry bites his beard again) Hey! Agh, let go of me!

Laura: Grandpa, Terry thinks your beard is just another piece of clothing to chew on!

Dr. Z: Oh yeah, well it's not!

Helga(Offscreen): Stop it right now!

(The camera cuts and pans up to reveal the Alpha Gang's cook, Helga)

Helga: Why don't you pick on some your own size, Dr. Z! Now leave little Terry alone!

(Terry jumps down from Dr. Z)

Helga: Dr. Z, I am appalled! You know that's not my best side.

Dr. Z: (Looks at his Helga underwear) Uh, so which side do you prefer?

Helga: I prefer my left side for your back side.

(Walks over to Rod and Laura)

Helga: As for you, Rod and Laura, am I to assume that your studies are completed?

Rod and Laura: No.

Helga: Then get inside and finish!

Rod and Laura: Ok!

(Helga turns to the Alpha Trio)

(They all gasp)

Helga: The frankfurters will be ready for dinner in twenty minutes.

Ursula, Zander and Ed: Yes Helga, twenty minutes.

(They all sigh)

Ursula: Frankfurters again? If I have to eat them one more time I'll burst!

Zander: It's either that or her bratwurst!

Dr. Z: Who's the worst?! Helga may be a bit crochety, but she's got sweet side too! And just because she doesn't show it to you, doesn't mean that some of us haven't seen it sometimes!

Ursula: We've seen enough Helga for one day.

Zander: Please, I've seen enough to last a life time.

Dr. Z: Now-

(Dr. Z's comrade, Seth walks up)

Seth: Good afternoon, Dr. Z.

Dr. Z: (Turns around and covers his Helga underwear) Ah, Seth, my boy. How are the repairs going on the time machine.

Seth: They're coming along fine, but I've discovered that I'm missing some parts. It looks like we'll have to get them delivered.

Rod: How can we? We're stuck in a different time period.

Dr. Z: Yes, that could be a valid point. More importantly, we need to find my dinosaur cards that were scattered all over the world when that time machine broke.

(Terry reappears in chibi form)

Dr. Z: Hmm? (Sees Terry in chibi form and Laura holding his Alpha Scanner.) Well, what's this I see? Were you using it on Terry earlier?

Laura: What do you mean, Grandpa?

Dr. Z: (Swipes the Alpha Scanner) This isn't a toy! It's a complicated piece of equipment for doctors!

(The Alpha Scanner picks up a dinosaur signal from the Triceratops the D-Team found)

Dr. Z: What's this mean?

Rod: That's a card's been found, Grandpa.

Dr. Z: I knew it would work! (A firey background appears behind him) Now let's go find that card!

(The scene transitions to Max's house, where the kids are telling Max's father, Dr. Spike Taylor, about what they saw in the jungle)

(Max is putting a bandage around his nose)

Dr. Taylor: You're saying that's a real Triceratops?

(The chibi Triceratops is chewing all around the Taylor's front yard)

Max: Yeah! Chomp's totally real!

Dr. Taylor: Did you say "Chomp"?

Zoe: That's what Max named him because he chomps away on anything he can get his teeth on.

Dr. Taylor: So a card turned into a dinosaur? (Picks up the Electric Charge move card) And what is this card for?

Max: I don't know I found that one along with Chomp's card. Don't you know?

Dr. Taylor: How am I supposed to know?

Max: Because you're an expert on dinosaurs, Dad.

Dr. Taylor: True, and I thought I knew just about everything. But this is that first I've heard of little dinosaurs popping out of cards!

Rex: Actually, it was a full-sized one.

Dr. Taylor: Are you joking?! Where?! Where is it now?!

Max: (Holds up his stone) Now, you gotta mess this thing, and then Chomp gets big. Here. (Hands Dr. Taylor his stone)

Dr. Taylor: Ok.

Max: Twist that little knob on the side.

Dr. Taylor: This thing? (Does what Max said, but to no avail) Hmm. Nothing's happening. Are you sure that's what did it?

Max: Uh, let me see. (Takes the stone from Dr. Taylor and twists the knob, which sends Chomp's card over to him.)

(Max swipes Chomp's card, which brings him to full-size)

Dr. Taylor: Ahh!

Zoe: Max, put him back back.

(Max returns Chomp to his card like he did before and into his chibi form)

(They all return from their shocked positions to their normal, relieved positions)

Dr. Taylor: This is a huge discovery! But for now let's just keep this our little secret. (Whispering) So mum's the word. If any news of this gets out it'll create all sorts of pandemonium. Got it?

Max: Mm-hmm (Nods his head)

(Max's mother, Aki Taylor, comes outside)

Aki: Time for breakfast!

(Everyone gasps)

Aki: Oh, hi Zoe. I didn't know you were here.

Zoe: (Jumps and puts her hands on her waist) Uh, yeah, I just got here.

(Chomp runs over to Aki)

Aki: (Kneels down to Chomp) Well now, who's this cute little guy?

(Chomp tries to bite Aki, but Dr. Taylor grabs him)

Max: That's Chomp.

Aki: He's a very unique looking dog.

Dr. Taylor: Yeah, well, he followed Max home. So, what you say? Can we keep him?

Aki: That should be fine, but you'll be the one taking care of him, Max.

Max: I will, Mom.

Aki: Ok, let's eat breakfast before it gets cold. Zoe, you can join us. We've got plenty. (Goes inside the house)

Zoe: Thank You!

Max (Whispering): We have to keep it a secret from Mom?

Dr. Taylor (Whispering): Yes, but only for a while.

(Back on Zeta)

Seth: The card appeared about 1,500 miles north of here.

Dr. Z: Good! Then it's time to deploy our first dinosaur round up mission! Alpha Gang, prepare for travel! Take Terry with you! You'll need some reptilian power to capture that dinosaur! Now don't let me down!

Ursula: You can on us!

Zander and Ed: (Saluting) Alpha team out!

(Meanwhile at a place called the D-Lab, Dr. Taylor is analyzing the stones the kids found with the assistance of Zoe's older sister, Reese Drake, who is creating a device to hold the stone tablets)

Automated voice: Accessing data and awaiting user input. Fossil recreation currently in progress at station 2098.

Dr. Taylor: Any updates on the translation device, Reese?

Reese: Nothing yet, but hopefully this unit will be able to decode whatever's stored in the chip on that stone. What makes you think it's the dinosaur thoughts that are that are stored in the stone? What part of your research brought you to that conclusion?

Dr. Taylor: Well I'm glad you asked, Reese. I estimate these stones were created about 65 million years ago, roughly the time dinosaurs became extinct. My analysis show they're emitting some kind of consciousness. It would seem that the dinosaur minds were somehow compressed into these tablets just as they were on the verge of extinction, and then embedded with chips for decoding purposes. I don't know who designed it, but the chip contains a system that turns dinosaurs into cards! (A firey background appears behind him) Yet another Spike Taylor theory! (Looks over) Uh, Reese?

(Reese leaves)

Dr. Taylor: (Dejected) She's never impressed.

(Meanwhile, the Alpha Trio is in a submarine looking for the dinosaur, with Ursula looking through the periscope while Zander and Ed drive)

Ursula: Destination dead ahead. Prepare to surface!

Zander: Aye, Aye,-

Zander and Ed: Captain!

(They surface and an ocean liner hits their sub and tears it in half)

Ursula: I didn't say to surface yet!

Ed: Lucky this is just a rental!

Zander: Lucky for you, we put it on my credit card!

(Meanwhile, The D-Team is at a park)

Max (Offscreen): Catch! (Throw a frisbee, which Chomp catches) (Runs over to Chomp) Way to go, Chomp!

(Rex and Zoe are sitting on a bench watching)

Zoe: Max is so lucky to Chomp.

Rex: Yeah, and they've really bonded. Looks like they're gonna become great friends.

Zoe: Think it's cause Max is the one who found him?

Rex: Yeah, I guess so. And Chomp's card only seems to work with the stone that Max found, too. I wonder what our stones are able to do.

Zoe: I was thinking the same thing.

Rex: But ours didn't come with a matching card in it.

Zoe: Hey! Maybe our stones do have a card with a matching design but they got lost somehow.

Man (Offscreen): Hey, what's in the water? (Onscreen now) It's coming right for us! What is it?! (Rex and Zoe run over) Let's get out of here! It's huge!

Zoe: What's that?

Rex: It's hard to tell.

(Terry is swimming in the water towards the deck people are watching him on)

(Max and Chomp run over)

Max: Hey, what's going on?

Zoe: (Points to the water) Look, out there.

(Terry surfaces and everyone around the water screams)

Rex: A Tyrannosaurus rex!

(Meanwhile in the water, Ursula and Zander surface from the water and grab onto part of their destroyed sub while gasping and coughing)

Zander: And the hair still stands!

Ursula: Where's Terry?

Zander: (Points to surface) He's right over there.

Ed; Help me! I don't know how to swim! (Is flailing towards the destroyed sub)

Ursula: Maybe you should've thought of that before.

Zander: Whatever you do, don't hold on to the end because with your weight, there's a good chance you'll cause us all to sink back into the wa-. (Ed grabs on and they sink as he's talking)

(Everyone on the dock runs away)

Zoe: So T. rex really can swim!

Max: Awesome!

Rex: How about we save that conversation for later, guys. Run!

(They all start running)

Zoe: It's following us!

Rex: Let's split up!

Max: Okay!

(They all split up, with Terry following Max and Chomp)

Dr. Taylor: Wow! An actual T. rex!

Max: Dad!

Dr. Taylor: Stand back! Watch the expert at work! So, Mr. T. rex, nice to meet ya! This is a meeting 65 million years in the making, so now prepare to be snared! I'm coming for ya! (Shoots a small butterfly net at Terry, who just rips right through it) Needs work. (Crouches and shudders as Terry steps over him) Max!

Max: Why do I get the strange feeling that thing is after me?! (runs into a shack while holding Chomp)

(Terry destroys the shack, cornering Max and Chomp)

Max: Get away from us! Just leave us alone! Go away! Stop it!

(Terry closes in and Max gets up and tries to run away away, but falls)

(Chomp jumps)

Max: No Chomp!

(Chomp lands on Terry's snout, trying to bite him, but Terry just throws Chomp into a tree)

Max: Chomp! Uhh!

(Terry turns over, heading for Chomp)

Max: (Gets up) Chomp, come on, run!

(Terry closes in on Chomp)

Max: Leave him alone!

Dr. Taylor: Max! Here use this! (Throws Max his new Dino Holder)

Max: (Catches it) What the heck is this thing, Dad?

Dr. Taylor: It's designed to work like your stone, but easier! You can use it to make Chomp bigger! Here, read the manual! (Throws a manual over to Max)

Max: I'll just trust you and read it later! (Starts pressing buttons)

(Terry roars at a cornered Chomp)

Max: Whoa!

(Right before Terry can bite Chomp, Chomps card is brought to Max through the Dino Holder)

Max: Here we go! (Swipes Chomp's card against the Dino Holder)

(Chomp's chibi form flies towards the camera in a lightning themed background before spinning upwards. Chomp's four legs all form into full-size parts before his his horns change with storm sound effects. His eyes then shoot lighting before Chomp is completely turned full-size)

(Chomp lands in front of Terry, and the backgrounds turn purple, forming the first ever battlefield)

Max: Whoa!

(Rex and Zoe return)

Zoe: Another dinosaur!

Dr. Taylor: Where did this one come from?

Rex: Yeah!

(The Alpha Trio comes out of the water)

Zander: I feel like a giant prune.

(They hear Terry roar)

Ursula: Huh, Terry?

(Terry circles Chomp before Chomp charges into Terry, knocking both of them into traffic. They cause a bunch of car wrecks before Terry knocks Chomp out of the traffic and bites onto his horn, throwing him)

Max: Chomp!

(Terry roars)

(The scene replays)

Rex: Forget it, Max. There's no way a Triceratops could ever defeat a T. rex.

Zoe: So what now?!

(Max's Dino Holder is flashing red, as Chomp's energy is low)

(Terry is now kicking Chomp)

Max: I don't know, but there's gotta be something I can do!

(The Electric Charge move card comes out of Max's Dino Holder)

Max: Huh?

Dr. Taylor: I'm not sure what that card does, but I included in your holder just in case. Now seems like a good time to try it out!

Max: Here goes nothing! (Swipes the card)

(Suddenly, a yellow light forms around Chomp, blinding Terry. A bolt of lightning then comes down on Chomp, charging him with electricity.)

(All of them gasp)

(Chomp rushes forward and hits Terry with a ball of electricity, sending him flying. Terry returns to his card)

(Chomp is now completely out of energy and collapses before returning to his card)

Max: I gotcha! (Catches Chomp's card)

Zoe: Is he ok?

Rex: Try a swipe.

(Max swipes Chomp's card, turning Chomp back into his chibi form)

Max: Oh Chomp, are you alright. (Chomp starts biting Max again) Oh, ouch.

Zoe: He's okay.

Rex: It looked like the Tyrannosaurus rex turned into a card too!

(Ursula grabs Terry's card)

Ursula: Who do you brats think you are screwing up out very important mission?!

Max: My name's Max, but who are you?

Ursula: The Alpha Gang!

Zander: Imagine your worst nightmare!

Ed: Except you're wide awake!

Ursula: Oh so Ursula.

Zander: Zantastic Zander.

Ed: Ed, I said.

Zoe: Did you understand any of that?

Rex: What is some sort of a threat?

Max: I'm not sure. So what do you guys want with us!

Ursula: That's for us to know and you brats to find out, isn't it? But if you ever mess with us again you will find out! Let's go! (Leaves)

Zander: Coming! (Him and Ed follow behind her)

Max: She's very weird.

Zoe: The old lady?

Ursula: Excuse me! Did I just hear you say "old lady"?! I'm not an old lady I'm barely in my teens!

(Zander and Ed drag her away)

Zander: Ok, shake it off!

Ed: Did she say "teens"?

Ursula: What was that Ed?!

Max: Hey Dad, what is this?

Dr. Taylor: A Dino Holder.

Max: So it's like the stone.

Rex: I bet it does way more than that!

(Max opens the part with the stone inside)

Dr. Taylor: Yep, that part is a translator. It takes the dinosaur's thoughts and puts them into words.

Max: They'll be able to talk to us?

Dr. Taylor: That's right, and I've got one for Rex and one for Zoe. (Gives them their Dino Holders)

(Suddenly, Rex starts glowing light blue, Zoe starts glowing green, and Max starts glowing yellow)

(All four of them can be seen reacting in shock)

Dinosaur voices: Please, help us. Please help us. Please, help us.

(All the kids are looking at their Dino Holders in confusion before the episode ends on a cliffhanger)