Dinosaur King

Power is a term from the TCG. There is confusion between it and Strength from the arcade game, each being the biggest number listed on the cards.


Carnotaurus TCG card, 2000 Power

In the TCG, Power is a measure of a Dinosaur's attacking capability and the primary numerical statistic, merging the arcade Attack's function with the arcade Strength's front-and-center position. A dinosaur's Power is combined with that of its Move Card and compared to the opposing dinosaur and Move's to determine who is the winner of the battle, and a tie counts as both losing. Power is always a multiple of 100.

A dinosaur's Power is based on their Level, with a standard Power for each Level if no abilities, and then lowered (or raised) according to how helpful or easy to use a dinosaur's ability is to balance out the advantage (or disadvantage) the ability gives; more details here. Power generally ranges from 1000 to up to 2500; small form Special Dinosaurs (main dinosaurs) have 700-800 Power, and the Easter Set special egg cards have only 200 Power.

A Move Card's Power is also scaled by having useful effects (below average) or usage conditions (above average). A Normal Move with no effects (Tail Slam, Dino Stomp) gives +600; an Alpha Move with no effects (Alpha Blast) gives +700; Black and Super Moves with no effects (Black Rampage, Electric Charge, etc.) give +800; and Signed Super Moves with no effects (Fire Cannon, etc.) give +1000. Many Move Cards can give 2 different Power boosts, the higher boost dependent on certain conditions. At the lower end, 4 Moves give +0 Power for various reasons, while at the upper end, Black Howl can and the 6 Signed Fusion Moves always give +1500.