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Patrick (パンチョ Pancho) is Dr. Owen's assistant and appears since episode 30. He often travels with Dr. Owen wherever he goes and has experience in lassoing. He is voiced by Eric Stuart in the English dub and Masao Komaya in the original Japanese version.

Character Design[]

Patrick is Mexican and typically wears an beige colored poncho over a blue casual shirt. He also wears a mango sombrero with triangular patterns. He has brown hair with a small goatee, mostly shut eyes, and his lips are noticeably emphasized compared to other characters. At most times he carries a lasso with him.


His Japanese name is lifted from "poncho", an article of clothing often associated with Mexican stereotypes. His English name was likely chosen to sound similar, but loses any hidden meaning in the process.


Patrick is level-headed and neutral, and though he tries, he has only a limited ability to rein in Dr. Owen's eccentricity. He is not above jumping into a dinosaur situation with his lasso on occasion, though.


Dinosaur King[]

He meets and assists Dr. Owen on his fossil expedition in Mexico in Dinosaur Amour!, seemingly as a local one-off character, but then begins appearing with Dr. Owen in all his later episodes as some sort of hired assistant (never specified). He is usually the sane one trying to keep Dr. Owen's personality and antics in line, especially when he tries pursuing Ursula to declare his love for her yet again.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Dr. Owen and Patrick arrive late to Max's house in Alien Parent Trap and see it teleported away by Gabbro, but annoy Dr. Z too much in the aftermath and are kicked off the Backlander, thereby being left behind after it shoots away through time without a destination.

Later in the season they visit the D-Lab for pizza, but are cornered by Seth and his Cryolophosaurus, becoming hostages to lure the D-Team back to the present.




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