Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Omega Phoenix is a Spectral Move that can only be used by Omega Armor Eocarcharia.


  • Attribute: Spectral (Fire)
  • Owner: Goma (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Used By: Omega Armor Eocarcharia
  • Effect: Eocarcharia's Omega Armor skeletal wings open and gain glowing wing surfaces that let it rise into the air, the Space Pirate emblem appearing behind it. It then dive-bombs through another Space Pirate emblem and smashes into the opponent with a large purple flame explosion!


  • Like all other arcade Ultimate Moves, Omega Phoenix has no card and activates when Eocarcharia wins with any move button after he gains his armor (and again after dealing enough damage refills his armor bar). In the third round of Goma's arcade boss fight, Eocarcharia is revived from its previous defeat and given Omega Armor and is prepared to use this Move immediately.
  • It is the only Spectral Move to not have "Spectral" in its name, as it is used by the unique Omega variant of Spectral Armor.
  • It is the only Spectral Move to not appear in the anime.




Dinosaur King Awaken - Vs Goma (ゴーマ) - Hard Mode (Japanese)

Goma's arcade boss fight featuring Omega Phoenix in Stage 3 of the battle


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