Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

North Euro Plain is a location in Europe in the DS game first visited in Chapter 1.


Map - North Euro Plain

North Euro Plain Map

Accessed from Euro Town in the southeast; it links to the North Mine in the east before the bridge, then the North Dig Site in the southwest after the bridge. The bridge is initially a roadblock restricting the player to the southeast area, needing to complete the North Mine and drilling tutorial to move past it; Alpha Droids are higher levels past the bridge. The Euro Town Memorial Tree is in the northwest.


Chapter 1

First entering to find the kidnapped son of a Euro Town man, the player finds Alpha Droids led by Ed, defeating them to free the child and acquire a Mystery Fossil Irritator. After clearing the North Mine, the player will meet the Master Excavator at the bridge to learn the mechanics of Drilling, unearthing a set Iguanodon (Attack Type).

Heading farther, they find the Euro Town Mayor with a hurt leg, giving them the Family Photo to convince his son to come help him.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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See also: DS Game Battles

Starting Area[]

These battles occur before the bridge.

This static battle is set before random encounters are possible. Reese gives hints in this battle.

Static (required)
Purple Alpha Droid [10 Exp, 30 chell]
  • Irritator R (Defense) LV1 (Tail, Ram, Throw)
    • Starts with Critical Move; beats player's last winning move. Beats the previous tying move.

A small area just outside of town where the above battle occurred cannot spawn encounters. Before the bridge, Reese gives hints on all turns for random and static battles.

Purple Alpha Droids (Tail, Ram, Throw) [10 chell]

Main Area[]

These battles occur after the bridge. The North Mine and drilling tutorial must be cleared before progressing.

After the bridge, different-leveled encounters have hints given by either Reese (nearly all turns) or the Alpha Droid itself (most turns), though all share the same strategy; Reese gives hints in most battles in the northern reaches of the map, transitioning to Alpha Droids farther south. The Alpha Droids' differing levels per Dinosaur are by area subdivisions made by bridges and ramps, each Dinosaur appearing at one level in each region, though most levels repeat. The eight subdivisions are: southeast region before the roadblock bridge (detailed above, Reese hints), northeast first ground-level area and plateau (Reese hints, oddly with only 4 of the 6 Dinosaurs), center north area between plateau and 2 bridges (Droid hints), northwest Euro Town Memorial Tree area past the west bridge (Reese hints), center and south region past the middle bridge (Droid hints), center west small area with a static Droid past the west bridge plus the rim around the Memorial Tree area (unconnected but nearby with same levels, Droid hints), center south small plateau with an item case (Droid hints), and southwest plateau with North Dig Site entrance (Droid hints). No other area is subdivided with so much detail.

Purple Alpha Droids (Tail, Ram, Throw) [30 chell]
Subdivision Gorgosaurus P (Tie) Irritator R (Defense) Einiosaurus S (Attack) Wuerhosaurus P (Defense) Ouranosaurus R (Attack) Dilophosaurus S (Defense)
NE area (Reese's hints) LV3 LV4 LV5 LV3 (N/A) (N/A)
center north area (Droid's hints) LV4 LV5 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV3
NW Memorial Tree (Reese's hints) LV3 LV4 LV5 LV3 LV4 LV5
center & south region (Droid's hints) LV4 LV5 LV3 LV3 LV4 LV5
center west area & Memorial Tree rim (Droid's hints) LV4 LV3 LV5 LV4 LV3 LV5
center south plateau (Droid's hints) LV5 LV4 LV3 LV5 LV4 LV3
SW area (Droid's hints) LV4 LV3 LV5 LV3 LV4 LV5
  • Starts with Critical Move; beats player's last winning move. Beats the previous tying move.
Static (optional)
Purple spike-eared Alpha Droid [200 Exp, 100 chell]
  • Iguanodon S (Attack) LV5 (Tail, Ram, Throw)
  • Einiosaurus S (Attack) LV6 (Tail, Ram, Throw)
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; uses different move after being hit by a non-Critical and beats player's winning Critical Move. Beats the previous tying move.


See also: DS Game Items
See also: DS Item Tables

Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Necklace (trade to girl for Manual in Chapter 1+; repeatable Chapter 2+)
  • Family Photo (required; from Mayor for Mayor's son in Euro Town)
  • Cat (trade to girl for Mystery Fossil Saltasaurus in Chapter 2+; repeatable)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Manual (from retrieving Necklace in Chapter 1+; repeatable Chapter 2+)
  • Manual (northwest item case)
  • Manual (rescue NPC from optional Droid)
  • Small Dino Drink (south item case)

Drilling Table[]

Depths marked by a "*" are not known well enough to be confident of their full item list.

Item (North Euro Plain) White Ping Yellow Ping* Orange Ping* Red Ping*
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Very Common Common (unknown) Common
European Fossil Common (not found) (not found) (not found)
Ancient Underwear Very Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Urn (not found) (unknown) Common (unknown)
Bronze Mirror Very Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Uncut Ruby (not found) (unknown) Common (unknown)
Knightia Fossil Common (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Magnolia Fossil Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as European Fossils.

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

  • Set European Fossils:
    • Iguanodon S (Attack, 3 star, Grass); Chapter 1 only, Drilling tutorial, White Ping, required
  • Mystery Fossils:


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