Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

North Dig Site is a location in Europe in the DS game first visited in Chapter 1.


Map - North Dig Site

North Dig Site Map

Accessed through southwest North Euro Plain in the southwest; it contains Laura's boss battles in the north.


Chapter 1

Entering to prove their strength to the Euro Town Mayor by defeating the Alpha Gang, the player faces Laura (1) to retrieve the upper left Stone Fragment.

Under Don the Gardener's instructions, the player must return to find Tom in the center west room after the fence disappears, being given the Forest Flute to pass South Euro Plain's Straywood Forest with the help of the Forest Dweller.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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The player can return to face Laura (3) to retrieve the upper left Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Goggles, unlocking a Mystery Fossil Alpha Dilophosaurus.

The player can return later to face Laura (4) repeatedly, and also face a static Droid to unlock a Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Allosaurus.


See also: DS Game Battles

Main Area[]

Green Alpha Droids (Tail, Ram, Throw) [20 chell]
Static (required)
Green spike-eared Alpha Droid [240 Exp, 100 chell; very rare Alpha Stop Drop, rare Small Dino Drink]
  • Allosaurus S (Tie) LV6 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
  • Dacentrurus P (Blitz) LV7 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; uses different move if hit by a non-Critical and beats player's last winning Critical Move. Beats the previous tying move.
    • "Heh heh heh… How do you like this?!"—if 2 options for you, beats stronger one
Static (optional)
Green spike-eared Alpha Droid [300 Exp, 100 chell]
  • Dacentrurus P (Blitz) LV8 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
  • Allosaurus S (Tie) LV9 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
    • Starts by losing to player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move and uses a non-Critical Move after losing to the player’s Critical. Uses a different move after ties.
    • "You're pretty good… So you can read my moves, eh?!"—copies player's last move. Used by various static Droids.
    • Unlike the previous static Droid, it may not register a player's empty MP bar.
Laura (1) [1000 Exp, 200 chell; rare Small Dino Drink]
  • Ceratosaurus R (Tie) LV10 (Boomerang Tail, Kamikaze Tackle, Life Drain)
  • Alpha Dilophosaurus S (Counterstrike) LV11 (Spiked Tail Smash, All-Out Slash, Hack and Slash)
    • "Critical Moves are a no-no!"—blocks player's Critical Move (new Dinosaur).
    • "I'm gonna take you out with a different move next!"—uses a different move after hit from non-Critical.
    • "Ahhh… Maybe I won't do a Critical Move this time…"—uses a non-Critical move after hit from Critical.
    • "I'll show ya what a girl can do!"—uses her Critical Move (at least after a loss).
    • "Ummm… Critical Moves are scary…"—uses player's Critical Move.
    • "I can tell exactly what you're thinking!"—beats her last winning or tying move.


This battle is only available upon returning for the first round of postgame rematches. Previous hints are also used, but not repeated here.

Laura (3) [5580 Exp, 250 chell]

These battles are only available upon returning for the second round of postgame rematches. Previous hints are also used, but not repeated here.

Boss (permanent, repeatable)
Laura (4) [5850 Exp, 250 chell]
  • Alpha Dilophosaurus S (Counterstrike) LV65 (8MP Wind R, Wind Tackle, Tie Wind; Wind Tail (R))
  • Baryonyx P (Defense) LV65 (Water Sword, Freeze Sphere, Aqua Vortex; Bermuda Triangle (R))
  • Super Alpha Allosaurus S (Counterstrike) LV65 (8MP Wind R, 5MP Wind S, Mayfly; ? Alpha P)
    • "Uhhh… I'd better save my MP…"—uses move tied for most MP remaining (?)
    • "Ha ha ha ha! I know exactly what you're thinking!"—loses to her last winning move.
    • "Ummm… What should I do…?"—previously had another meaning, now appears to repeat a tie (?)
Static (optional)
Red Super Alpha Droid [? Exp, 250 chell]
  • Utahraptor P (Defense) LV60 (Boomerang Blow, Wind Crusher, Tornado Toss; Piercing Slash (S))
  • Deltadromeus S (Blitz) LV61 (8MP Wind R, ? Wind S, Tie Wind; ? ? S?)
  • Megaraptor P (Counterstrike) LV64 (8MP Wind R, ? Wind S, Mayfly; Confusion Machine (P))
    • "Heh heh heh… I know what you will do!"—(?) seemingly match (first two), beat (third) (new Dinosaur).
    • "Heh heh heh… You shall not pass!"—Critical.
    • "Hmm… Must be wary of Critical Moves…"—uses non-Critical after loss to Critical.
    • "Heh heh heh… I see now!"—uses different move after loss to non-Critical.
    • "You are low on MP! I see… I see!"—loses to your lowest MP move(s).
    • "Heh heh, let's see how this does!"—if 2 options, uses weaker one.


See also: DS Game Items
See also: DS Item Tables

Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Workbook (item case in east room behind optional Droid)

Drilling Table[]

Depths marked by a "*" are not known well enough to be confident of their full item list.

Item (North Dig Site) White Ping Yellow Ping* Orange Ping* Red Ping*
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Common Common (unknown) (unknown)
European Fossil Common (not found) (not found) (not found)
Ancient Underwear Uncommon (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Bowl Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Urn Very Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Bronze Mirror Very Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Conodont Fossil Uncommon (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Baiera Fossil Rare (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as European Fossils.

The following can be acquired as set fossils.


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