Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King


The unnamed Newswoman is a recurring character who normally ends up reporting on various dinosaur appearances.


She is a newscaster for the D-Team's local town news for Sanjo City, but is occasionally seen elsewhere for on-site reporting.

She first appeared in episode 2 reporting on Spinosaurus's appearance in Egypt, cutting to commercials when it attacked the camera filming it. When Utahraptor appears in episode 7, she reports that it's at the TV station building where she's filming. She is heard in voice only reporting on Pachycephalosaurus straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa in episode 14.

In episode 16, she reports from a helicopter above the battle with Alpha Acrocanthosaurus at the edge of Sanjo City along the coast road. In a rare non-dinosaur story, she reports on-location on the Ole Festival and Ole Cup soccer match in Brazil during episode 17 before Altirhinus appears, after which she reports on it pushing a giant ball of grass towards the stadium. She then reports on the golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, in episode 20 before Altirhinus shows up there, too.

In episode 23, she reports on "Nessie" being sighted at Loch Ness and the crew dispatched to investigate with Dr. Taylor. In episode 24, she reports from off-screen about the new dinosaur-based fashion trend in Paris, France. In episode 26, she reports on the (failed) exploits of the doppelganger Alpha Gang in both Sanjo City and Las Vegas. She later reports on the appearances of Therizinosaurus in Tokyo in episode 28 when it rampages and ends up on the roof of the TV studio, then Deinonychus in the Ninja Village attraction in episode 34.

When Ampelosaurus appeared in Moscow in episode 42, she is on location to ask train conductor Jonathan about any delays it might give the Trans-Siberian Railway. She then reports on the appearance of the Backlander and attack of the Black T. rex in Sanjo City in episode 48.

In her only season 2 appearance, she is seen in episode 76 reporting on the overgrowing plants that appeared as a result of the past changing, fighting off a vine with her microphone and for once advising the public to panic.



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