Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
Not to be confused with Stanley Spinoberg

Mr. Stanley

Mr. Stanley (Suzuki) is an air traffic controller that Reese knows, appearing in Just Plane Crazy. He is voiced by Andrew Paull in the English dub.


Dinosaur King[]

Mr. Stanley greets Reese and the D-Team at an airport where Reese flies her plane from. He is nervous around Paris, not seeming to like animals and putting Zoe off of him as she dogs him around all day. He is very devoted to his job, however, not abandoning the broken tower equipment to guide Reese's damaged plane in for a landing even while a dinosaur battle with the Alpha Gang is happening mere feet away. In the end, Zoe gives him permission to date Reese, which was never either of their intentions, and Zoe flees in amused embarrassment.


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