Dinosaur King

Fusion Moves are special moves that combine two Super Moves. They are seen in the anime, DS game, and TCG, but do not appear in the arcade game.


In the anime, several cases of Fusion Moves are seen. The first was Thunder Storm Bazooka, combining Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone to defeat Saurophaganax and later Torvosaurus. One was used against the Black Tyrannosaurus, when 14 dinosaurs merged their attacks in order to break though Fire Scorcher and hit it in Dinosaur War!. Dr. Z had Terry and Spiny combine Volcano Burst and Shockwave to blast a target Ursula, Zander, and Ed were holding in Desperately Seeking Spartacus (it is never used again). Another was used by the 6 main dinosaurs in order to break through the Dark Pterosaur's outer shell in Fate of the Cosmos.

When Ace twice uses Cyclone to suck up water and turn his attack into a "Hurricane", it is similar to what a Fusion Move from the DS Game would be (see below) (although this was not used by merging two moves, just Cyclone and water from the sea and a river). And when Chomp and Torosaurus combine their Lightning Strike Move Cards to defeat Terry in Rhino or Dino?, it is basically a Fusion Move where both Moves come from the same element.

At various points, such moves are called either "fusion moves" or "combo moves". While there seems to be little correlation between title and effect, "fusion moves" typically involve the effects of two or more Moves combining, or their energies forming a single blast, while "combo moves" (usually said in season 2) tend to involve two or more clearly separate attacks simply hitting the same opponent at the same time, and are not distinct enough to note here.

DS Game

The DS Game also features Fusion Moves. They are Super Moves that merge a second Attribute onto a known Move Card (and get much stronger) when used on the right Battlefield; they reuse the animation of the unaltered Move when used under the wrong conditions. Oddly, every dinosaur can create two of the Fusion Moves' cards for their Attribute (based on Sign), while only certain dinosaurs can create the underlying Moves' cards, and even then only one each.


  • Tornado Fire Cannon - Stronger version of Fire Cannon! Boosted by a Wind Battlefield.
  • Magma Bomb - Stronger version of Fire Bomb! Boosted by an Earth Battlefield.
  • Blazing Leaf - Stronger version of Blazing Spin Attack! Boosted by a Grass Battlefield.


  • Mist Sword - Stronger version of Water Sword! Boosted by a Fire Battlefield.
  • Freeze Sphere - Stronger version of Tragedy of the Sphere! Boosted by a Wind Battlefield.
  • Green Flood - Stronger version of Aqua Whip! Boosted by a Grass Battlefield.



  • Electric Spines - Stronger version of Spike Arrows! Boosted by a Lightning Battlefield.
  • Water Mole Attack - Stronger version of Mole Attack! Boosted by a Water Battlefield.
  • Magma Quake - Stronger version of Earthquake! Boosted by a Fire Battlefield.


  • Egg Machine Gun - Stronger version of Egg Attack! Boosted by an Earth Battlefield.
  • Titan Foot Assault - Stronger version of Big Foot Assault! Boosted by a Lightning Battlefield.
  • Diamond Wing - Stronger version of Metal Wing! Boosted by a Water Battlefield.


  • Lightning Razor Wind - Stronger version of Biting Wind! Boosted by a Lightning Battlefield.
  • Botanical Ninja Attack - Stronger version of Ninja Attack! Boosted by a Grass Battlefield.
  • Tornado Bash - Stronger version of Tornado Toss! Boosted by an Earth Battlefield.


Electric Ivy TCG card

In the TCG, Fusion Moves are also seen, and are similar in idea to those from the DS Game, adding an element to a pre-existing Super Move. In fact, the card artworks are Arcade Move Cards with the addition of graphics representing a second element, or in some cases, a recognizable second Move Card. The cards require a Dinosaur of the fused Element to be on your field to be used. The Signed Fusion Moves give the highest Power boost of any Move Cards.

For a list, see TCG Move Cards#Fusion Moves.