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Dinosaur King

Some information on this page is from her page on the Japanese Dinosaur King Wiki.

Welcome to the D-Site! I'm Minmi, and I'll be your guide.

—Minmi, upon entering a D-Site

Minmi is a DS Game-original character who helps run D-Sites and guides the player through Fossil restoration and Nintendo network connections.

Character Design[]

Minmi screen

Minmi at a D-Site instructing the player


Minmi has a rather subdued appearance, fitting her helper side role, with brown hair and wearing beige and white. She wears a beige scout cap and has a pale lime green ribbon on her collar, and two smaller ones on the sides of her hair. She appears to have only one sprite position, which is flipped as needed.


Her name is based on the small ankylosaur of the same name, Minmi.


She taught Zoe how to make sweets (and wonders who they're for…), and was taught about dinosaurs by Reese. Her dream is to one day work at the D-Lab proper as a dinosaur doctor.

Game Role[]

Minmi is an assistant personnel of the D-Team, appearing in every D-Site the player visits across the world, likely using the teleporters to follow them. She watches over the Dino Room to ensure all of a player's dinosaurs are healthy and safe. She gives tips to a player for various tasks, though often has little useful to say for experienced players.

Minmi oversees the Communications Room, guiding the player through tasks such as connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi or other nearby DS's to facilitate trading or battling.

Minmi also oversees the Restoration Room, and after the player has used it to clean a dinosaur fossil they found, she will convert it into a Dinosaur Card for them to use.



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